CANDIDATES & BIOFUELS: Dan Sparks, Jeremy Miller

  • Friday, 28 October 2016 14:29

Dan Sparks  Jeremy Miller

Closing out our series on senate candidates and their views on biofuels, we head to District 27 (Dan Sparks) and 28 (Jeremy Miller) today. Both District 27 and 28 have one ethanol plant each and both are Poet Biorefining plants.

Candidates & Biofuels


- Would choose E10 over non-oxygenated fuel.

- Would use E15 in his vehicles that are compatible with the fuel and wants to encourage and expand the use of higher blends of ethanol.

- Would oppose measures to scrap the RFS and instead push for greater use of biofuels.

- Would oppose measures to scrap Minnesota's Petroleum Displacement Law and continue to grow the biofuels industry for its economic and enviromental benefit. 

Would support a standalone bill to fixing the RVP problem so that E15 can be sold during the summer months. He would also support actions to call the EPA to take administrative action to bring RVP parity to E15 and measures requiring gasoline blendstocks with a lower RVP to be used thus eliminating the need for a waiver for both E10 and E15. In particular, he noted that gasoline blendstocks would contribute to reducing smog.

- Would support measures to fund infrastructure to increase the availability of E85 and look for legislation for funds to assist in the replacement or retooling of underground storage tanks.

- Would support measures to fund infrastructure retrofits to increase the availability of E15 - E25. 

- Would support accelerating the permitting process for the installation of equipment to improve ethanol production and reduce emissions.

Jeremy Miller copyJEREMY MILLER

He did not answer the questionnaire we sent. Instead, he sent us this statement:

"I'm a supporter of biofuels. The farming and agriculture industry helps make our local economies prosperous and I will continue to work together with our farmers toward new uses, new markets, and value-added opportunities to make use of agriculture products."


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