CANDIDATES & BIOFUELS : Rep. Chris Swedzinski Vs Al Kruse

  • Tuesday, 11 October 2016 15:35

Rep. Chris Swedzinski vs Al Kruse web

For our second installment of where the candidates stand on biofuels, we head to District 16A where Rep. Chris Swedzinski is up against Al Kruse.

Candidates & Biofuels

Chris Swedzinski copyREP. CHRIS SWEDZINSKI

- He would choose E10 over non-oxygenated fuel.

- He would choose E15 over E10. 

- He would oppose bills to scrap the Renewable Fuel Standard.

- He would oppose bills to scrap Minnesota's Petroleum Displacement Law.

- He would support bills to fix the RVP so that E15 can be sold in the summer months. This includes supporting actions that call on the EPA to bring RVP parity to E15 and to require gasoline blendstocks with a lower RVP be used so that a waiver for both E10 and E15 is eliminated.

- He would support bills to fund retrofits to fuel dispensers to increase the availability of E15 to E25. 

-He would support bills to accelerate the permitting process for the installation of equipment to improve ethanol production and reduce emissions.  

Al Kruse copyAL KRUSE

- I have used ethanol in my vehicles since it was called gasohol with excellent results. I have used E20 and E30 in pre-2000 vehicles with good results. I think we should have blender pumps at every station. I was excited when the University of Minnesota (Morris) announced they were working on turning sewage into biofuel, but have not heard any more on this for several years. 

Come back later this week to learn where the other candidates running for office this November stand on biofuels. 


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