CANDIDATES & BIOFUELS : Rod Hamilton vs Kirby Kruse

  • Tuesday, 18 October 2016 12:20

Rod Hamilton Vs Kirby Kruse

In the fifth installment our review of where the candidates stand on biofuels, we head to District 22B where incumbent Rep. Rod Hamilton is up against Kirby Kruse. District 22B has three ethanol plants - Highwater Ethanol in Lamberton, Heron Lake Bioenergy in Heron Lake and POET Biorefining in Bingham Lake. To recap, we sent out a list of biofuel-related questions to candidates running for office in November. Some of the candidates responded to those questions while others provided a statement on biofuels. 

Candidates & Biofuels

Rod Hamilton copy ROD HAMILTON

"I chair the Agriculture Finance Committee and I'm a strong supporter of biofuels - I use biofuels, I oppose bills that would diminish the use of biofuels and I've carried bills supporting renewables."

Kirby Kruse copy KIRBY KRUSE

- He would choose E10 over non-oxygenated fuel (E0).

- He would be interested in trying E15 over E10.

- He would oppose any bill to scrap the RFS or any other kind of renewable energy.

- He would oppose bills to scrap Minnesota's Petroleum Displacement Law.

- He would support a standalone bill to fix the RVP problem so that E15 can be sold during the summer months. This includes supporting measures calling on the EPA to take administrative action to bring RVP parity to E15 and requiring gasoline blendstocks with a lower RVP to be used thus eliminating the need for a waiver for both E10 and E15.

- He would support measures to fund fueling infrastructure to expand the availability of E85.

- He would support measures to fund retrofits to fuel dispensers increase the availability of E15 to E25.

- He would accelerate the permitting process for the installation of equipment to improve ethanol production and reduce emissions.


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