CANDIDATES & BIOFUELS : Tim Miller Vs Andrew Falk

  • Thursday, 13 October 2016 15:43

Rep. Tim Miller Vs Rep. Andrew Falk1

Continuing our series on candidates and their views on biofuels, we travel today to District 17A,  where the incumbent, Tim Miller, is up against, Rep. Andrew Falk, who previously represented the district. District 17A has two ethanol plants - Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company in Benson and Granite Falls Energy in Granite Falls. 

Candidates & Biofuels

Tim Miller copy TIM MILLER

- "I am very supportive of biofuels. I think they are an important piece to a broad energy plan."

Andrew Falk copy ANDREW FALK

- He says he would choose oxygenated fuel and runs E30 in his Jeep despite the fact that it isn't a flex-fuel vehicle. "I have noticed essentially no difference in mileage and have not had a check engine light come on. I try to use as much ethanol as I am able."

- He wants the RFS expanded as it is good for the rural economy, better for the environment and keeps dollars that would otherwise be sent "to places around the world that aren't particularly friendly to our national interests."

- He would support measures bill that would fix the RVP so that E15 can be sold during the summer months. These include calling on the EPA to bring parity to E15 and require the availability of gasoline blendstocks with a lower RVP which would eliminate the need for a waiver for both E10 and E15. 

- He would support measures to fund the installation of blender pumps. 

- He wants every pump in Minnesota to be a blender pump. 

- He would support measures to accelerate the permitting process for the installation of equipment to improve ethanol production and reduce emissions. 

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