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Looking for the latest biofuel-related news? Then look no further. Our team constantly compiles the most relevant news stories on the issues and developments of the day. 



06-01-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up 1%


05-31-2023 The Andersons Inc Successfully Installs the Whitefox ICE® System at its Denison Ethanol Plant

05-30-2023 Corn Use in Fuel Ethanol at 438 Million Gallons in March

05-24-2023 UNL88 Can Help Drivers Reduce Costs, Emissions This Summer

05-17-2023 US Grains Council's Feeding Trials in Southeast Mexico Expand US DDGS

05-10-2023 EIA Increases 2024 Ethanol Blending Forecast

05-08-2023 The Importance of the Next Generation Fuels Act

05-04-2023 US Exports of Ethanol and DDGS Spring Higher in March

05-03-2023 Regan Comments on E15, CCS Permitting During Senate Hearing

05-02-2023 EIA: US Biofuel Capacity, Feedstock Consumption Up in February


04-27-2023 Novozymes: Q1 Bioenergy Sales Up 28%

04-14-2023 Klobuchar, Grassley, Bipartisan Group of Colleagues in Letter Urging Biden Administration to Strengthen Renewable Fuel Standard

04-17-2023 CoBank Reports Strong Q1 Finish for US Ethanol Industry

04-06-2023 OPEC+ Production Cut Expected to Drive Up Gasoline Prices, But Higher Ethanol Blends Can Help

04-05-2023 Biofuel and Farm Leaders Press White House for Immediate Action on E15


03-29-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 1%, Stocks Down 3%

03-28-2023 New Nationwide Poll: Voters Want E15 Available Year-Round

03-21-2023 RFA Applauds Governor's Action in Support of Year-Round E15

03-14-2023 Klobuchar, Fischer Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Make E15 Available Year-round

03-10-2023 It's a Fact: Consumers Support Ethanol

03-08-2023 US Ethanol Export Sales Kick Off 2023 with Large Gains while US DDGS Exports Scale Back

03-02-2023 Klobuchar Statement on EPA E15 Proposal

03-02-2023 Study: RFS Slashed GHG Emissions By 1.2 Billion Metric Tons Since 2008


02-28-2023 New Study: Ethanol Industry's Impact On US Economy Strengthened In 2022

02-27-2023 New University Study: Ethanol Cuts Gas Prices by 77 Cents Per Gallon

02-23-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up 1%

02-21-2023 USDA Report Predicts Increased Ethanol Demand Through 2030

02-20-2023 GAO: EPA's June 2022 Denial of SREs Not Subject to CR

02-07-2023 Pace of US Ethanol Sales Slow at Year End While DDGS Exports Rally

02-01-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down 3%

02-01-2023 Greenfield Global Leverages Ag Clean Technology Program Funding

02-01-2023 Midwest Attorneys General Urge EPA to Respond to E15 Petition


01-26-2023 Novozymes: Bioenergy Sales Up 25% in 2022

01-23-2023 CoBank Reports Solid Q4 Performance for US Ethanol Industry

01-18-2023 Top Ethanol Markets Remain Dependable

01-17-2023 Ready. Set. Go!

01-12-2023 USDA Maintains Forecast for Corn Use in Ethanol Production

01-11-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 12%, Stocks Down 3%

01-09-2023 Japan Proposes New Biofuel Standards, Update of Ethanol CI Scores

01-09-2023 New Poll: Voters Support Ethanol and RFS, Oppose EV Mandates

01-05-2023 IEA Report Assists Countries In Accelerating Transition to Net Zero

01-04-2023 OMB Agenda Confirms Timelines for RFS, E15, Biopreferred Rules

01-03-2023 Brazil Extends Import Tariff Suspension for Ethanol



12-22-2022 Annual RFA Survey: Virtually All Automakers Endorse E15

12-21-2022 USGC: Staff Joins Energy Week Panel, Highlights Ethanol Benefits

12-20-2022 EPA Responds to GAO Report on RIN Prices, Small Refineries

12-15-2022 CoBank Says 2023 Outlook for Biofuels is 'Very Strong'

12-08-2022 OMB Reviews E15 Petition Filed by Midwest Governors

12-08-2022 US Representative Angie Craig Introduces Bipartisan Year-Round E15 Legislation with Unprecedented Industry and Family Farmer Support

12-07-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 6%, Stocks Up 1%

12-07-2022 Over 250 Organizations, Companies Call for Quick Senate Passage of Year-Round E15 Bill

12-06-2022 EIA: Biofuel Capacity Up in September, Feedstock Consumption Down

12-05-2022 USGC: Egyptian Poultry Sector Holds Potential for US DDGS Exports


11-30-2022 U.S. Senators Introduce Bill To Expand E15 Gasoline Sales, With Support From Oil Group

11-23-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 3%, Stocks Up 7%

11-22-2022 Ethanol, Petroleum and Ag Groups Express Support for Year-Round E15 Legislation

11-16-2022 EIA Report Spotlights Increased Ethanol Blend Rate, Lower Cost to Drivers

11-08-2022 Western Plains Pioneering Carbon Neutral Ethanol Production by Installing Whitefox ICE-XL for Ground-breaking Energy Savings

11-07-2022 USDA: US Ethanol Exports Up in September

11-03-2022 Novozymes Reports 32% Increase in Bioenergy Sales in Q3

11-03-2022 U.S. EPA Considering Expanding Midwest E15 Gasoline Sales - Sources


10-26-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up 2%

10-19-2022 Thune, Durbin Lead Bipartisan Request for Historic RFS "Set" Rulemaking   

10-13-2022 Ag Co-operators Conference Brings in Nearly $700 Million in Sales

10-10-2022 USDA: US Ethanol Exports at 77 Million Gallons in August

10-04-2022 Greenfield Global: WFI Helps Meet Demand from Biopharma Customers


09-29-2022 High-Level Ecuadorian Ethanol Delegation Visits US, Talks Strengthening Partnership

09-29-2022 May E15 Sales A Record in Minnesota

09-28-2022 RFA Elects New Board Leadership at Annual Meeting

09-26-2022 Reuters Retracts Inaccurate Article on Ethanol GHG Emissions

09-22-2022 Thompson: Farmers Can Help Solve Nation's Fuel Crisis

09-19-2022 DriveClean Initiative Launches, Advocates for National CFS

09-16-2022 US Ethanol Exports on Track for One of the Best Years on Record

09-14-2022 EPA Looks to Allow Year-Round Sale of E15

09-08-2022 USGC Looks to Expand DDGS Opportunity Through Aquaculture Engagement in Morocco

09-08-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down 2%

09-07-2022 USDA: US Ethanol Exports Top 107 Million Gallons in July


08-31-2022 EIA: US Biofuel Capacity, Feedstock Up in June

08-29-2022 Canada to Import a Record Volume of US Ethanol in 2022

08-26-2022 USGC Boosts Ethanol During Trade Mission to Southeast Asia

08-24-2022 EIA: Ethanol Productions Up Slightly, Stocks Up 2%

08-23-2022 EIA: Total US Biofuel Capacity at 21 Billion Gallons Per Year

08-22-2022 USDA Opens New Application Window for HBIIP

08-16-2022 Biden Signs New SAF, Hydrogen, Clean Fuel Tax Credits Into Law

08-09-2022 EIA Maintains 2022, 2023 Ethanol Production Forecast

08-04-2022 USDA: Distillers Grains Exports Top 1 Million Metric Tons In June

08-02-2022 CARB Acceptance of RFA, Growth Energy Report Moves California One Step Closer to E15


07-27-2022 New Yeast Innovations Deliver Unparalleled Performances for Bioenergy Industry

07-27-2022 Grassley Introduces Next Generation Fuels Act

07-26-2022 Navigator CO2 Launches New Headquarters and Announces Expansion of Executive Team

07-20-2022 EIA: US Fuel Ethanol Up 3%, Stocks Down Slightly

07-19-2022 The Cure for High Prices

07-14-2022 CoBank HIghlights Ethanol Industry's Strong Q2

07-13-2022 EIA Increases 2022, 2023 Fuel Ethanol Production Forecasts

07-12-2022 USDA Maintains 2020 '23 Forecast for Corn Use in Ethanol

07-11-2022 Ethanol Industry Hopeful for E15 Win

07-07-2022 USDA: US Ethanol Exports Top 147 Million Gallons in May

07-06-2022 EIA: US Ethanol, Renewable Diesel Capacity Expands in April


06-30-2022 Canadian Clean Fuel Regulations Are A Victory For Canadian Consumers, Low-Carbon Biofuels

06-28-2022 DOE Report: Ethanol Industry Leads Energy Sector in Employing Veterans

06-27-2022 Turkish Buyers Conclude Corn Co-Products Purchases During U.S. Tour

06-17-2022 E.U. Ethanol Sets New Record for GHG Reduction

06-13-2022 Council's Outreach Efforts Contribute to Removal of Barriers to U.S. Ethanol Imports to Brazil

06-16-2022 Representative Angie Craig Leads Successful House Effort to Pass Legislation to Lower Cost of Food and Fuel

06-15-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down 2%

06-07-2022 Navigator CO2, POET Sign Letter of Intent to Capture, Transport and Store Five Million Tons of CO2 Annually

06-07-2022 U.S. Exports of Ethanol Balloon in April, While Shipments of DDGs Scale Back

06-03-2022 USDA Has Provided $700 Million to Restore Sustainable Fuel Markets HIt by Pandemic

06-02-2022 IFF Announces Collaboration for Enhanced Training with PROtect® LLC

06-01-2022 Southwest Airlines Invests in Sustainable Aviation Pilot Project Supported by the Department of Energy

06-01-2022 The Andersons, Inc. Addressing Strategic Priorities with Energy Efficient Membrane Installation at Denison Plant


05-26-2022 White House Announces Japan Commits to Double Ethanol Demand

05-25-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down Slightly

05-23-2022 3 Ways Ethanol Brings Down Gas Prices

05-23-2022 Council Participates in Policy Discussions Creating Export Demand for U.S. Ethanol

05-18-2022 Keynote Speakers Announced for 2022 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

05-12-2022 MoistTech Aims to Highlight Efficiency & Production Through Data Collection

05-11-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up 1%

05-05-2022 EIA: U.S. Biofuels Capacity at 21.123 Billion Gallons in February

05-04-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 1%, Stocks Down Slightly


04-29-2022 Independent Study Confirms Cost Savings & Emissions Advantages for Heavy-Duty Trucks Running ClearFlame's Engine Modification Technology

04-29-2022 Fluid Quip Technologies Announces DCO+™, New Corn Oil Separation Technology

04-28-2022 U.S. Governors Seek to Expand Sales of Higher Ethanol Gasoline Blend

04-20-2022 Analysis Shows Corn Ethanol's Energy Balance Is Strongly Positive and Continues to Improve

04-18-2022 IEA Predicts Growth in Global Biofuel Supply Through 2026

04-06-2022 USDA: U.S. Exports 143 Million Gallons of Ethanol in February

04-05-2022 Klobuchar, Thune Urge Environmental Protection Agency to Update Modeling for Biofuel Emissions

04-04-2022 Impact of Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) on Biofuels Production Shown in Study


03-31-2022 American Voters Support Expanded E15 Use to Address High Pump Prices

03-31-2022 Representative Angie Craig Leads Congressional Biofuels Caucus in Pressuring Biden Administration to Prioritize Homegrown Biofuels as a Replacement for Russian Oil and Gas

03-29-2022 Brown: Year-Round E15 Can Help Combat Domestic Energy Costs

03-28-2022 2021 California E85 Sales Shatter Previous Record; Momentum Continues in 2022

03-23-2022 Biofuel Infrastructure Bill Introduced in Minnesota

03-22-2022 Delta Signs SAF Agreement with Gevo

03-22-2022 Leading Researchers Contradict Hit Piece on Ethanol's Environmental Impacts

03-21-2022 Representatives Craig, Feenstra, Bustos and Hinson Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Increase Biofuels Availability, Replace Russian Oil and Lower Fuel Prices

03-16-2022 Pain at the Pump Requires Blend of Solutions; Including Bio-fuels

03-17-2022 Over 1,000 Farmers and Biofuel Supporters Tell President Biden: Use More Ethanol to Lower Gas Prices!

03-11-2022 NACS Urges EPA to Allow Year-Round E15 Sales

03-09-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 3%, Stocks Up 1%

03-09-2022 Klobuchar, Ernst Introduce Bipartisan Legislation Expanding American Biofuel Availability to Replace Banned Russian Oil

03-08-2022 U.S. Exports of Ethanol and Distillers Grains Kick Off the New Year with Robust Volumes

03-04-2022 Biofuel & Ag Leaders Call on White House to Provide Relief at the Pump Through Higher Blends of Ethanol

03-03-2022 Delegations from Latin America, Mexico Visit U.S., Attend Ethanol Events

03-01-2022 EIA Data Confirm Record Ethanol Blend Rate in 2021


02-24-2022 EIA: U.S. Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up Slightly

02-23-2022 U.S. Agriculture Secretary Touts Importance of Low-Carbon Biofuels

02-21-2022 New Study: Corn Ethanol Can Achieve Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Well Before 2050

02-16-2022 At Hearing, Ernst Sticks Up for Iowa Farmers, Biofuel: "A Strong RFS Supports Rural America"

02-15-2022 Setting the Record Straight on the Environmental Outcomes of the Renewable Fuel Standard

02-08-2022 USDA: Ethanol Exports at 1.24 Billion Gallons in 2021

02-07-2022 Representative Angie Craig, Colleagues, Urge Biden Administration to Prioritize Renewable Fuel Standard for Family Farmers and Rural Communities

02-01-2022 Klobuchar, Grassley Lead Bipartisan Group of Colleagues in Letter Urging Biden Administration to Prioritize Renewable Fuel Standard


01-31-2022 Grant Available for Service Stations to Add Higher Ethanol Blends

01-25-2022 ADM Posts Record Q4 Profit on Rising Biofuel Demand, Projects Strong 2022

01-20-2022 Vilsack Says Future of Biofuels Remains Bright

01-19-2022 Drive Towards "Greenhouse Gas Efficiency Having An Impact"

01-17-2022 CoBank: Ethanol Enters 2022 With 'Considerable Momentum'

01-13-2022 Increased Mobility Improves Ethanol Trade As Policies Drive Long Term Demand

01-12-2022 RFA to House Ag Committee: Ethanol Can Jumpstart Transition to Net-Zero Emissions

01-11-2022 EIA Increases Forecasts for 2022 Ethanol Production, Blending

01-10-2022 Ethanol Production Ends 2021

01-05-2022 Despite Weight of Pandemic, Ethanol Exports Were 5th Highest on Record in 2021

01-04-2022 A Rebuttal to DeCicco: Use Locally Produced Renewable Energy

01-04-2022 MN Bio-Fuels testimony to the EPA on Proposed RVOs for 2020, 2021 & 2022



12-21-2021 Ethanol Makes a Comeback

12-17-2021 UCF Researchers' Ethanol Fuel Cells Offer New Alternative to Power Cars, Technology

12-14-2021 Klobuchar, Grassley Introduced Bipartisan Legislation to Provide Certainty to Biofuel Producers

12-13-2021 OMB Reveals Expected Timeline for Post-2022 RFS Rules, Other Rules

12-09-2021 Council's I Love Bioethanol Booth Promotes U.S. Ethanol Use at Seoul Mobility Show

12-09-2021 Farm, Biofuel Groups Ask EPA To Resolve Summertime E15 Barrier 

12-08-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 5%, Stocks Up 1%

12-07-2021 USDA To Make Up To $800 Million Available To Provide Economic Relief To Biofuel Producers And Restore Renewable Fuel Markets Hit By The Pandemic

12-06-2021 Vilsack Says USDA and White House Close to Deal on Biofuel Aid


11-30-2021 EIA: U.S. Biofuel Capacity Up in September, Feedstock Use Down

11-23-2021 Farm & Biofuel Leaders Welcome Key Provisions of the Build Back Better Act

11-17-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down 1%

11-16-2021 RFA to White House: "Double Down" on Ethanol to Cut Prices at the Pump

11-15-2021 IRENA: Global Bioenergy Jobs at 3.52 Million in 2020

11-05-2021 U.S. EPA Rejects One Small Refinery Exemption for 2019 Compliance Year So Far

11-04-2021 RFA Applauds Midwest Governors for Proactively Pursuing Year-Round E15 Fix


10-28-2021 RFA to COP26: Ethanol A Smart Choice Right Now For Decarbonization Goals

10-28-2021 Build Back Better Act Benefits Biofuels Industry

10-26-2021 New Yeast Innovation Delivers Unparalleled Performance For Bioenergy Industry

10-12-2021 USDA Maintains Forecast for 2021 - '22 Corn Use In Ethanol

10-20-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Expands 6%, Reaches Near Record High

10-12-2021 Argonne National Laboratory Releases 2021 GREET Update

10-14-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 6%, Stocks Down Slightly

10-12-2021 Formula One to Step on Accelerator with Biofuel Goals

10-07-2021 Governor Walz Announces Pathway to Reduce Impact of Transportation on Climate

10-05-2021 August Exports of U.S. Ethanol Bounce Back and Distillers Grains Exports Jump to Six-Year High

10-05-2021 AdvanceBio Selected for SAF Pilot Project Development and Design


09-30-2021 EIA: U.S. Biofuel Capacity, Feedstock Consumption Expand in July

09-29-2021 Blended Ethanol Has a 43.4 g/MJ Carbon Intensity Rating or Lower When Accounting for Aromatics Reduction

09-28-2021 Bustos, Axne, Craig, Klobuchar Lead Members Across Seven States Urging Administration to Increase Biofuels Usage

09-21-2021 As Nation's Seek Carbon Neutrality, Demonstrating Ethanol's Role Is Vital

09-20-2021 Choosing America's Farm Fields Over OPEC Oil Fields

09-15-2021 Moniz Wants to Turn More Focus to Clean Alternative Fuels, Negative Emissions

09-14-2021 There at the Beginning: Randy Doyal

09-13-2021 RFA Analysis: Retail Gas Prices Not Affected by Renewable Fuel Standard Credits

09-09-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down 3%

09-09-2021 Rep. Axne Secures $1,000,000,000 for Biofuel Infrastructure in House's Build Back Better Act

09-02-2021 Klobuchar, Colleagues Urge Schumer, Pelosi to Support Homegrown Renewable Fuels in Reconciliation Package

09-02-2021 USDA: U.S. Ethanol Exports at 52 Million Gallons in July


08-30-2021 USDA Forecasts $2.4 billion In US Ethanol Exports For FY2022 

08-25-2021 Vehicle Emissions Standards Should Address High-Octane Fuels

08-21-2021 Let's Prioritize American Renewable Fuels Over Foreign Oil and Minerals

08-12-2021 Council Shows Ethanol Benefits as South Korea, Japan Set Carbon Neutrality Policies

08-11-2021 On the Road Again (With Liquid Fuels)

08-10-2021 EIA Increases 2022 Ethanol Production Forecast

08-09-2021 Groups Urge Congress to Use DOE Modeling for SAF Tax Credit

08-05-2021 Global Sales of U.S. Ethanol Moderately Recovered in June While U.S. DDGS Exports Eased from Prior Gains

08-04-2021 Vilsack Speech in Iowa Launches U.S. Grains Council Hybrid Summer Meeting

08-03-2021 CHS Expands Access to E15


07-29-2021 USDA: Corn Use for Fuel Ethanol Up in May

07-27-2021 It's Time to Make Long-Lasting and Transformative Investments in Biofuels

07-27-2021 RFA Pledge to President: Ethanol to Achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050 or Sooner

07-25-2021 DOE: Corn Ethanol Employment Expected to Grow in 2021

07-22-2021 Governors Ask Biden Administration to Expand the Market for Higher-Octane Gasoline in New Fuel Economy Rule

07-21-2021 RFA Signals Intent to Fight Court's Decision on EPA's E15 Rule

07-19-2021 More Choices and Cleaner Fuel at the Gas Pump

07-13-2021 CoBank: US Ethanol Sector Well Positioned for H2 of 2021

07-13-2021 Biofuel Groups Say EPA Rule Should Include High Octane Standard

07-14-2021 Klobuchar, Fischer, Craig Introduce Bipartisan Legislation To Permit Year-Round Sale Of Higher Blends Of Ethanol

07-14-2021 Representatives Angie Craig, Adrian Smith Lead Bipartisan Effort from Congressional Biofuels Caucus in Introducing Legislation to Allow Year-Round E15 Sales

07-12-2021 WASDE Maintains Forecast for Corn Use in Ethanol

07-07-2021 EIA Increases Ethanol Production Forecasts for 2021, 2022

07-06-2021 Sen. Klobuchar Confident E15 Will Remain Available This Summer and Beyond

07-06-2021 Whitefox's 10th U.S. Installation Will Take ICE® Membrane System Capacity to Over 150 Million Gallons Per Year

07-02-2021 Following Supreme Court Decision in HollyFrontier Case, Craig Introduces Bipartisan Bill Clarifying Oil Refinery Exemptions


06-30-2021 Klobuchar Introduces Bipartisan Biofuel Package to Expand the Availability and Accessibility of Low-Carbon Renewable Fuels

06-25-2021 House Biofuels Caucus Statement on Supreme Court's Renewable Fuel Standard Decision and the Future Integrity of the RFS

06-21-2021 MN Bill Would Allocate $6M to Biofuel Infrastructure

06-16-2021 Klobuchar Leads Colleagues in Urging Biden Administration to Uphold Renewable Fuel Standard Obligations for Oil Refiners

06-15-2021 USDA Announces Additional Aid to Ag Producers and Businesses in Pandemic Assistance for Producers Initiative

06-14-2021 House Biofuels Caucus Requests Pandemic Relief for Biofuels

06-10-2021 New Poll Finds Growing Bipartisan Support for RFS and Ethanol

06-08-2021 EIA Increases 2021, 2022 Forecasts for Ethanol Blending

06-07-2021 Greenfield Global Signs Agreement with CFS for Minnesota Plant

06-02-2021 IFF's Health & Biosciences Division Announces Agreement for Commercializing DSM Bio-based Products & Services Yeast Technology

06-02-2021 Biden's 2022 Budget Includes Funds for SAF, Biofuels, Bioenergy

06-02-2021 New Reports Correct the Record on Faulty Land Use Change Assertions

05-27-2021 USDA: Corn Use for Fuel Ethanol Up in March


05-25-2021 Duckworth Joins Fischer In Introducing Bipartisan RFS Integrity Act of 2021

05-21-2021 USDA Issues Progress Report on Climate Smart Ag, Forestry

05-19-2021 ADM Announces Successful Completion of One Million Metric Ton Carbon Capture and Storage Project

05-19-2021 U.S. Ethanol Production Tops 1 Million Barrels Per Day for Week Ending May 14

05-19-2021 Court Vacates 3 SREs Approved by Trump Administration

05-17-2021 ClearFlame Engine Technologies and Alto Ingredients, Inc Partner to Demonstrate Decarbonization of Diesel-Fueled Engines Using Ethanol Fuel

05-14-2021 Granholm Discusses DOE's View of Biofuels During Budget Hearing

05-11-2021 E15 Can Help Alleviate Fuel Shortages From Pipeline Shutdown

05-05-2021 U.S. EPA to Hand Over Biofuel Exemption Documents to GAO Probe

05-04-2021 U.S. Ethanol Exports Rebound on Near-Record Shipments to China; U.S. DDGS Exports Also Higher

05-03-2021 EPA Asks Court to Vacate, Remand 3 SREs Approved in January


04-29-2021 Al-Corn Clean Fuel Celebrates 25th Anniversary

04-21-2021 Senators Urge Regan to Uphold the RFS

04-20-2021 Former Political Leaders Urge 50-State Strategy on Green Energy

04-15-2021 Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company Milestone 25 Years of Ethanol and Industrial Alcohol Manufacturing

04-15-2021 Column: U.S. Ethanol Trends Sightly Improve Ahead of Summer Travel Season

04-09-2021 USDA Increases Forecast for Corn Use in Ethanol

04-09-2021 Governor Walz Highlights Biofuels Infrastructure Budget Proposal To Strengthen Small Businnesses, Support Farmers, And Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 


03-31-2021 Ethanol Production Up 5%, Stocks Down 3%

03-25-2021 Fueling the New Year

03-26-2021 Canada Now Top U.S. Ethanol Customer

03-24-2021 USDA to Provide COVID-19 Relief to Biofuel Producers

03-18-2021 U.S. Grains Council Helps Ensure Ethanol Has Environmental Role As Recovery Begins 

03-17-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 4%, Stocks Down 3%

03-16-2021 Vietnam Imports U.S. Ethanol as a Result of USGC Programming

03-15-2021 U.S. Senator Tina Smith Named Chair of Rural Development and Energy Panel on Senate Agriculture Committee

03-10-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 11%, Stocks Down 2%

03-11-2021 Broad Coalition Supports Statewide Minnesota Clean Fuels Standard

03-09-2021 USDA Maintains 2020 - '21 Forecast for Corn Use in Ethanol

03-08-2021 Senators Urge Vilsack to Provide COVID-19 Relief for Biofuels

03-03-2021 EIA: Ethanol Productions Up 29%, Stocks Down 2%


02-28-2021 Ethanol Provided Essential Products During Pandemic

02-22-2021 EPA Signals New Position On Small Refinery Exemptions

02-19-2021 Representatives Craig and Johnson Lead Congressional Biofuels Caucus in Introducing Legislation to Ensure Transparency in RFS Small Refinery Waiver Process

02-17-2021 Polish Ethanol Producer BGW to Reduce GHG Emissions with Whitefox ICE®

02-17-2021 RFA Ethanol Industry Outlook Focuses on Essential Energy for Tomorrow's Challenges

02-16-2021 Study: Despite Pandemic, Ethanol Industry Generated $35 Billion in GDP, Supported Over 300,000 Jobs in 2020

02-12-2021 RFA: RFS Has Slashed GHG Emissions by Nearly 1 Billion Tons

02-10-2021 Governor Walz Urges Swift Action to Support Biofuels and Reverse Previous Administration's Support for Oil Refinery Exemptions

02-10-2021 EIA Maintains 2021 Ethanol Production Forecast

02-09-2021 Biofuels Can Contribute Now to a Cleaner Energy Future

02-08-2021 Klobuchar, Ernst Introduce Legislation to Expand Renewable Fuel Market and Consumer Access

02-05-2021 USDA: U.S. Ethanol Exports at 1.33 Billion Gallons in 2020

02-04-2021 Klobuchar, Grassley Highlight Need to Restore Integrity to Renewable Fuel Standard in Letter to Environmental Protection Agency

02-01-2021 Statement from RFA, U.S. Grains Council and Growth Energy on U.S. Ethanol Appeal Outcome in Peru


01-26-2021 DuPont Launches SYNERXIA® Gemstone Collection of New High-Performance Yeasts for U.S. Ethanol Market

01-26-2021 Harvard, Tufts, EH&E Scientists Find Corn Ethanol Reduces Carbon Emissions by Nearly 50%

01-22-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up Slightly, Stocks Down

01-21-21 D.C. Circuit Court Stays EPA Action Granting Refinery Waivers

01-18-2021 CoBank: Ethanol Industry Continues to Recover in Q4

01-14-2021 U.S. EPA Eyes Extending Refinery Biofuel Deadlines, No Action on Waivers

01-13-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 1%, Stocks Up 2%

01-12-2021 Klobuchar, Smith, Colleagues Urge Incoming Biden Administration to Immediately Restore Integrity to Renewable Fuel Standard

01-11-2021 RFA: Biden Can Slash Carbon Emissions by 12M Tons on Day One

01-07-2021 November U.S. Ethanol and DDGS Global Sales Moderate; China Returns as a Sizable Ethanol Market

01-05-2021 RFA, Growth Energy Demand Transparency in Refinery Exemption Process



12-29-2020 Corn Use for Ethanol at 433 Million Bushels in October

12-23-2020 EIA: Ethanol Productions Up 2%, Stocks Up 1%

12-16-2020 Council Promotes Ethanol's Air Quality, Human Health Benefits As Focus Increases On Environment

12-22-2020 COVID Relief Passes With Aid For Biofuels Producers

12-18-2020 Minnesota Drives Forward With Clean Car Standards To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

12-15-2020 RFA: Ethanol Industry Needs COVID-19 Relief

12-15-2020 Fluid Quip Technologies Partners with Trislot

12-15-2020 New Bioenergy Enzyme Solution Harnesses the Untapped Potential of Corn

12-11-2020 RFA: Ethanol Industry Needs Support, As COVID-19 Losses Near $4 Billion

12-10-2020 Plant Maintenance & Safety Summit Dec 16 - 17 (Virtual Event)

12-09-2020 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up 4%

12-08-2020 Reports Say Vilsack To Get Nomination As Agriculture Secretary: Iowans From Both Parties Like The Prospect

12-08-2020 Biofuels Coalition Files Brief Challenging 31 Small Refinery Exemptions in 2018

12-07-2020 U.S. Ethanol Exports Explode in October

12-01-2020 Tech Company Develops Diesel Engine That Runs on Ethanol

12-01-2020 EPA Misses Statutory Deadline to Set 2021 RFS RVOs


11-25-2020 EIA: Ethanol Production, Ending Stocks Expand by 3%

11-23-2020 Farm & Biofuels Leaders Urge Courts to Hold EPA Accountable on Improper 2016 Waiver

11-20-2020 The Icy Challenge Ahead for COVID-19 Vaccine Distributors: "We Don't Have All the Answers"

11-16-2020 IEA Expects Global Biofuels Production to Rebound in 2021

11-16-2020 New RFA Leader Optimistic of Future

11-12-2020 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Expand by Nearly 3%

11-9-2020 USDA: Corn Use For Ethanol To Increase Slightly Through 2030 - '31

11-3-2020 Minnesota Governor's Council on Biofuels Submits Recommendations


10-30-2020 U.S., Brazil See Room for Global Ethanol Growth Before Transition to EVs

10-30-2020 MOU Aims to Expand Ethanol Use in Vietnam

10-28-2020 EIA: US Ethanol Production Up 3%, Stocks Fall by 1%

10-26-2020 USGC Encourages DDGS, DCO Use in Dominican Republic, Ecuador

10-21-2020 Greenfield Global to Add 48 Million Gallons to Biofuels Production with Acquisition of Minnesota Fuel Ethanol Plant

10-22-2020 California E15 Testing to Start

10-15-2020 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up by 2%

10-13-2020 Ethanol Recovers to a 'New Normal'

10-7-2020 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 5%, Stocks Fall Slightly

10-7-2020 USDA: US Ethanol Exports at 100.65 Million Gallons in August


09-29-2020 IRENA: Liquid Biofuels Accounted for 2.5M Jobs Globally in 2019

09-28-2020 RFA: New University Study on COVID - 19 Impacts Underscores Need for Emergency Aid

09-24-2020 Bustos Introduces Next Generation Fuels Act

09-22-2020 House Ag Committee Chair Says Ethanol Is Priority

09-16-2020 Novozymes Launches Fiberex® Platform for Corn Fiber-to-Ethanol

09-15-2020 Provisions of Peterson's Renewable Fuel Standard Integrity Act Advance in the House of Representatives

09-14-2020 Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits Announces the Launch of a New Fermentation Technology for Biofuels Production

09-10-2020 Petersen Wants Gap Year and Brazil Ethanol Tariff Reports Substantiated

09-04-2020 USGC Seeks Ways to Boost Asian Demand for Ethanol

09-03-2020 USDA: Ethanol Exports Fall in July, Distillers Grains Exports Up

09-02-2020 Highwater to Add Equipment to Produce USP Grade Ethanol


08-28-2020 USDA: Corn Use for Ethanol at 379 Million Bushels in June

08-27-2020 EPA: 1.62 Billion RINs Generated in July

08-25-2020 Biden Announces Commitment to RFS

08-25-2020 Climate Plan Addresses Potential of Biofuels, Bioenergy

08-21-2020 EPA Small Refinery Waiver Requests Nearing 100

08-19-2020 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 1%, Ending Stocks Up 3%

08-18-2020 Iowa Ag, Biofuel Groups Press Trump on Need for Strong RFS

08-17-2020 Study: Ag Crops Don't Contribute Increased Atmospheric GHG Levels

8-13-2020 EPA 'Reset' Recommendation Addrresses RFS, LCFS

08-12-2020 WASDE: 2020 - '21 Corn Use in Ethanol Forecast at 5.2B Bushels

08-11-2020 EIA Increases 2020, 2021 Ethanol Production Forecasts

08-05-2020 June 2020 Global Sales of U.S. Ethanol and DDGs Pick Up the Pace, Recovering Lost Ground

08-04-2020 U.S. Energy Department Recommends Granting Partial Retroactive Waivers to Refiners: Sources

08-03-2020 Ethanol Update: Renewable Fuel Industry Awaits EPA Decisions


07-31-2020 RFA Provides USDA a Roadmap to Renewable Fuel Growth

07-29-2020 EIA: Weekly Ethanol Production Up 5.5%, Stocks Up 2.4%

07-28-2020 'Ethanol Answer Man' Larry Johnson Remembered

07-28-2020 USDA: Corn Use for Fuel Ethanol at 300 Million Bushels in May

07-27-2020 Senate Releases COVID-19 Relief Bills

07-24-2020 USGC Focuses on Asian Dried Distiller's Grains Markets

07-22-2020 Grassley: 'Ethanol Senators' Must Stand Up for Industry Aid

07-21-2020 SIRE Joins Group of Ethanol Producers Benefitting from Whitefox ICE®

07-17-2020 Grassley to Advocate for COVID-19 Relief for Ethanol Producers

07-15-2020 Klobuchar, Smith Call on the Department of Agriculture to Allow for Flexibility in Biofuel Infrastructure Grant Program

07-15-2020 RFA Analysis: Ethanol Industry's COVID-Related Economic Losses Already Top $3.4 Billion, Could Reach Nearly $9 Billion by 2021

07-14-2020 Coronavirus and Climate Change

07-13-2020 Letter Sent to EPA to Address Carbon Neutrality of Crops

07-10-2020 Industrial-Use Exports Support US Ethanol Amid COVID-19

07-08-2020 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Increase by 2%

07-07-2020 EIA Increases Forecasts for 2020, 2021 Ethanol Production

07-02-2020 32 House Members Urge Trump to Reject Gap Year SREs


06-26-2020 Ernst Blocks Nomination of Deputy EPA Administrator over SREs

06-29-2020 Governors Ask EPA to Reject Retroactive Refinery Exemptions

06-25-2020 Klobuchar, Ernst, Duckworth, Grassley Urge EPA to Reject Retroactive Biofuel Blending Waivers

06-24-2020 Biofuels, Bioenergy to Benefit from Growing Climate Solutions Act

06-22-2020 The Ethanol Sector's Recovery Gains Steam, But Coronavirus Headwinds Persist

06-21-2020 Ethanol Production Hits 12-Week High, Still Below Same Week in 2019 Due to COVID-19 Disruptions

06-18-2020 EPA Considering 52 "Gap Year" Refinery Waiver Petitions; RFA Responds

06-18-2020 Biofuels Caucus Town Hall Talks Ethanol Issues

06-16-2020 U.S. EPA Yet to Decide on Retroactive Refinery Waiver Requests: Senator

06-12-2020 USGC: E10 Flows Into Mexico Following Educational Effort

06-10-2020 EIA: US Ethanol Production Up 9%, Stocks Fall by 3%

06-10-2020 DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences Announces New SPEZYME® HN Alpha-Amylase Blend

06-08-2020 44 Members of Congress Urge Trump To Deny RFS Waiver Requests

06-05-2020 Minnesota Ethanol Production Ramping Up Again

06-03-2020 US Ethanol Production Up 6%, Weekly Ending Stocks Fall by 3%

06-02-2020 FDA Updates Hand Sanitizer Guidance


05-31-2020 Ethanol Production Expands 9.2% to Largest Volume Since March

05-26-2020 Ernst, Grassley Urge FDA to Clarify Hand Sanitizer Guidelines

05-22-2020 Klobuchar Holds Discussion on Supporting Ethanol Industry in Southern Minnesota During Coronavirus Pandemic

05-20-2020 Ethanol Production Increases by 8%, Stocks Fall by 2%

05-18-2020 USGC Demonstrates How CDO Creates Favorable Pigmentation in Eggs

05-15-2020 'The Worst May Be Behind Us': U.S. Ethanol Industry Says, Inching Back from Collapse

05-11-2020 Groups Ask Congress to Provide COVID-19 Relief for Biofuels

05-08-2020 Electric Cooperatives Ask Congress to Provide Aid for Ethanol

05-05-2020 US Exports Nearly 140 Million Gallons of Ethanol in March

05-05-2020 Bail Out Clean Energy Before Oil, Most Americans Say

05-04-2020 USDA Announces $100 Million for American Biofuels Infrastructure

05-01-2020 Coalition Opposes API Petition on 2020 RFS Obligations


04-28-2020 Angie Craig Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Expand Market for American-Made Biofuels

04-27-2020 Ethanol Blends Save Lives Through Reduced Vehicle Emissions

04-26-2020 Highwater Ethanol Supplying 190-Proof Product Used in Hand Sanitizer

04-22-2020 An Economic Rebound Will Need Ethanol

04-18-2020 Beer May Lose Its Fizz As CO2 Supplies Go Flat During Pandemic

04-16-2020 Oil State Governors Wrong to Target Renewable Fuel Standard, Rural Jobs

04-09-2020 USGC Solicits Applications for Ethanol A-Team

04-10-2020 Peterson Leads Biofuels Caucus Letter to USDA Secretary

04-07-2020 Senators Urge USDA to Aid Biofuel Industry with CCC Funds

04-02-2020 USDA: Ethanol Exports Reach 194.16 Million Gallons in February

04-01-2020 FDA Allowing More Ethanol Plants To Make Sanitizer


03-31-2020 USDA Projects 8% Increase in US Corn Acreage for 2020

03-25-2020 Minnesota Ethanol Producer Ramping Up Productivity of Industrial Alcohol Used in Sanitizers

03-25-2020 Deadline Passes for US EPA to Challenge Court Ruling on Biofuel Waivers

03-20-2020 Klobuchar, Smith Help Make Bipartisan Push Urging President Trump to Support Renewable Fuel Standard

03-19-2020 Ethanol Industry Seeks to Protect Employees During Pandemic

03-17-2020 Peterson Leads Biofuels Caucus Letter Urging Administration to Uphold 10th Circuit Court Ruling on Ethanol Waivers

03-17-2020 USGC Finds New Demand for DDGS in Indonesia

03-12-2020 EIA Increases 2020 Ethanol Production Forecast 

03-10-2020 USDA: US ethanol, distillers grains exports up in January

03-09-2020 Ethanol Makers See Demand Surge On Hand Sanitizer Stockpiling

03-03-2020 Perdue Thinks SRE Ruling Should Be Applied Nationwide


02-28-2020 Secretary Perdue Directs USDA Fleet To Increase Biofuels Usage, Announces Notice of Funding For Biofuels Infrastructure Program

02-27-2020 USDA Announces Intent To Offer $100 Million In HBIIP Funding

02-26-2020 Congresswoman Angie Craig Leads Letter Reiterating Support for Biofuels, Reducing Carbon Emissions

02-14-2020 EPA consulting White House over biofuel waiver program: source

02-13-2020 Aquafeed: The Next Frontier for DDGS Demand in SE Asia

02-05-2020 December Global U.S. Ethanol Sales were Invigorated while DDGS Exports Subsided

02-05-2020 Kansas Ethanol To Install Whitefox ICE To Further Reduce Energy Consumption


01-28-2020 Court Decision Casts Doubt On Dozens Of US Refinery Biofuel Waivers

01-27-2020 Tenth Circuit Court Strikes Down EPA Small Refinery Exemptions

01-23-2020 Don't Blame U.S. Biofuels For Indonesia And Malaysia Deforestation, Study Shows

01-21-2020 Neste's Sustainable Aviation Fuel Available At Zurich Airport During World Economic Forum 2020

01-16-2020 Phase One Trade Deal With China Promises Ag Sales, Structural Reform

01-16-2020 EIA Predicts Ethanol Production Will Remain Flat Through 2021

01-13-2020 Congressional Watchdog To Review Trump Administration's Use Of Biofuel Waivers

01-07-2020 U.S. Ethanol Exports Ease Despite Pop In Sales To Brazil while U.S. DDGS Shipments Surge Higher



12-19-2019 Trump Rebuffs Corn Farmers With Status Quo on Biofuels

12-17-2019 USGC: Peruvian Team Braves Minnesota Cold to Learn About US DDGS

12-17-2019 China Plans to Buy Ethanol, Count Hong Kong Trade in U.S. Pledge

12-16-2019 Green Plains, Novozymes Partner on Protein Production

12-10-2019 COP25 – Ethanol Brings Welcome Contribution to Transport Climate Action

12-06-2019 Peterson Critical of EPAs Proposed Actions on RFS

12-05-2019 October Shipments of U.S. Ethanol Press Higher while U.S. DDGS Exports Slip

12-03-2019 Klobuchar Leads Letter Expressing Concern that the Newly Proposed Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Blending Targets Will Be Undermined by Continued Abuse of ‘Hardship’ Waivers

12-02-2019 Report: Thailand Could Benefit From Ethanol Imports

12-02-2019 Hagedorn Writes EPA about Renewable Fuel Standard, Small Refinery Exemptions


11-26-2019 RFA Review of 2020 Vehicle Models Reveals Good News for E15, Bad News for Flex Fuels

11-20-2019 New York Approves E15 Sales

11-18-2019 Construction of First D3MAX Plant Nears Completion

11-08-2019 Some States Looking to End Prohibition of E15

11-08-2019 NASCAR, American Ethanol Celebrate Significant Milestone Together

11-08-2019 Agenda Released for 13th Annual International Biomass Conference & Expo in Nashville, Tennessee


10-30-2019 Governors Say EPA’s Proposed Rule Fails to Honor President Trump’s Biofuel Agreement

10-28-2019 Members of Congress Urge Wheeler to Change SRE Proposal

10-22-2019 Klobuchar Addresses Renewable Fuel Standard Hardship Waivers

10-22-2019 Peterson Statement on House Energy and Commerce Hearing on Small Refinery Exemptions

10-22-2019 New Court Documents Detail Rampant EPA Abuse of Small Refinery Exemption Program

10-16-2019 Farm, Renewable Fuel Groups Angered by EPA Plan to Replace Lost Demand for Ethanol, Biodiesel

10-15-2019 Global Ethanol Use to Grow Dramatically, Says USGC Analyst


09-19-2019 New Study: Renewable Fuel Standard Saves Consumers at Pump, Enhances Energy Security

09-16-2019 Governor Walz Signs Executive Order Establishing Governor’s Biofuels Council

09-16-2019 Trump Backs Plan that Would Boost Biofuel Quotas 10% in 2020

09-13-2019 Alcohol School: Yancey Delivers D3Max Project Update

09-12-2019 Klobuchar, Duckworth Lead Colleagues in Urging President to Help Rural Americans, and the Environment, by Upholding the Intent of the Renewable Fuel Standard

09-11-2019 Sen. Tina Smith Weighs In On Volatile Ethanol Economics

09-09-2019 Future of Ethanol Exports

09-06-2019 Tim Walz: Exempting Refineries From Biofuel Requirements is a Kick in the Gut to Farmers


08-26-2019 Senators Smith, Klobuchar, Stabenow, Durbin, Peters, Baldwin, and Brown Call for Stronger Renewable Fuel Standard

08-23-2019 Trump Orders Biofuel Boost in Bid to Temper Farm State Anger

08-22-2019 Finkenauer, Loebsack Call for Probe of EPA Biofuel Waivers

08-21-2019 U.S. Farmers, Lawmakers Dial Up Pressure on Trump Over Biofuel Policy

08-18-2019 Farmers Stung by EPA's Waivers

08-14-2019 Environmental Advocates Should Take Another Look at Biofuels

08-12-2019 EPA's Waivers Undermine The RFS, Corn Market

08-06-2019 Finnair Flies First Biofuel-Powered Flight From San Francisco To Helsinki

08-05-2019 Brazil Considers Dropping Barriers to U.S. Ethanol

08-01-2019 Performance Matters


07-26-2019 EgyptAir Flies Newest Dreamliner Home Using Biofuel, Sets Distance Record

07-25-2019 Year-Round E15 Highlighted in MN Biofuels’ Mid-Year Report

07-24-2019 New York Publishes Proposed Rule to Allow E15 Sales

07-23-2019 Energy Department Says EPA Issued RFS Exemptions Against DOE Advice

07-19-2019 New University and Government Reports Set the Record Straight on Ethanol’s GHG Benefits

07-18-2019 Report Shows Optimism for Fuel Ethanol Use in Korea

07-15-2019 Delta’s First Carbon Neutral Flight Powered by Air BP-Supplied Biofuel

07-10-2019 IRENA: Bioenergy Employed 3.18 Million People Globally in 2018

07-10-2019 Phibro Ethanol Performance Group Announces Innovative New Portfolio of Yeast Products for the Ethanol Industry

07-09-2019 Toyota’s Brazilian Corolla Will Run on Pretty Much Whatever You Want

07-05-2019 U.S. EPA Proposes Hike in 2020 Biofuel Mandate But Waiver Volumes Draw Ire

07-01-2019 Grassley Statement on New Threats to RFS


06-25-2019 Senators Ask EPA to Update Ethanol Science to Improve Trade

06-24-2019 Virgin Australia Flies 1 Million Kilometers with Gevo’s Jet Fuel

06-19-2019 Report: E10 Could Save UK Drivers £100 Million In 2020

06-14-2019 EIA Increases 2019, 2020 Ethanol Production Forecasts

06-12-2019 Sweden 'Must Double Biofuels Use' To Meet Emissions Goal: Report

06-11-2019 Novozymes Unveils New Alpha-Amylase, Yeast at FEW

06-11-2019 DuPont launches OPTIMASH® DCO+ at 2019 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

06-11-2019 Klobuchar, Duckworth Lead Letter Urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to Cease Issuing Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) ‘Hardship’ Waivers

06-06-2019 Klobuchar Highlights Fight to Strengthen Renewable Fuel Standard and Minnesota Farmer Protections

06-04-2019 F1 Eyes Carbon-Neutral Fuel for 2021


05-29-2019 Hydrite Launches Innovative Formulation for Ethanol Industry

05-28-2019 Democratic Presidential Hopeful Klobuchar Proposes Revamping EPA Ethanol Rules

05-23-2019 United Airlines Expands Commitment to Biofuel, Powering More Flights With More Biofuel Than Any Other U.S. Carrier

05-23-2019 Peterson, Johnson Introduce Bill to Stop the EPA from Undermining the RFS

05-21-2019 House Biofuels Caucus Asks EPA to Split E15, RIN Reform Rule

05-15-2019 Consumers Urge Automakers to Stay Committed to FFV Production

05-15-2019 New Study: RFS Saves Consumers 22 Cents on Every Gallon of Gas

05-10-2019 USDA: March Ethanol, DDGS Exports Up from Prior Month

05-10-2019 Opportunities in High-Protein Feed

05-07-2019 Representatives Urge EPA to Stop Issuing SREs

05-02-2019 U.S. Sen. Tina Smith Says EPA Plan to Hide Which Refineries Are Allowed to Stop Blending Renewable Fuels Would Hurt Farmers, Rural Communities

05-01-2019 Hydrite to Offer Antibiotics Product Line through Partnership with Archangel


04-23-2019 2019 Ethanol Producer Award Winners Announced

04-23-2019 Time to Keep the Promises for Farmers to Compete in Energy

04-12-2019 Klobuchar Talks Ethanol Challenges at Nevada Plant

04-12-2019 U.S. EPA Revives Provision That May Name Refiners Applying for Biofuel Waivers

04-11-2019 Grassley Questions Hardship RFS Exemption Review Process at DOE

04-10-2019 EIA Predicts Increased Ethanol Blending This Summer

04-08-2019 RFA: New Study Exposes Absurdity of NWF Land Use Change Claims

04-02-2019 USDA: Ethanol Exports Reach 127.91 Million Gallons In January


03-28-2019 EPA Hearing on E15 in Michigan Tomorrow

03-22-2019 Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition Partners with Maersk in World's Largest Maritime Biofuel Pilot

03-21-2019 Toyota to Launch Yeast Strains for US Cellulosic Ethanol

03-15-2019 Inquiry Launched Into E10 in the UK

03-14-2019 Making the Most Out of Renewable Energy

03-13-2019 Klobuchar Statement on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Newly Proposed E15 Rule

03-10-2019 Candidates Must Engage Rural Communities

03-08-2019 RFA: 2018 Distillers Grains Exports Are Second-Highest on Record

03-06-2019 U.S. Ethanol Exports of 1.70 Billion Gallons in 2018

03-04-3019 U.S. EPA Sends Proposed Rule for Higher Ethanol-Blend Gasoline to White House

03-04-2019 EIA Expects Stable US Biofuels Production, Consumption, and Trade Through 2020

03-01-2019 Swedish Government Report Concludes Airlines Should Blend Biofuels


02-26-2019 USDA: December Corn Use for Ethanol Up from November

02-26-2019 US Aims to Lower Beijing's Tariff on Ethanol Ahead of Chinese Demand Boom

02-20-2019 Walz, Noem to Lead Governors’ Biofuels Coalition in 2019

02-18-2019 Kansas Ethanol Signs Agreement to Use Enogen Corn From Syngenta

02-15-2019 Ethanol Fix is Vital for Minnesota Farmers

02-11-2019 Exclusive: EPA May Issue E15 Gasoline Plan Without Biofuel Credit Trade Limits - Sources

02-06-2019 US Asks Brazil to Consider Lifting Tariffs on Ethanol Exports

02-06-2019 NACS Favors Giving Consumers Options At the Pump

02-06-2019 New Study: RFS2 Has Reduced GHG Emissions by 600 Million Metric Tons, Beating EPA Expectations


01-31-2019 RFA Asks EPA to Use RFS ‘Reset’ Rule to Reallocate Waived RVOs

01-30-2019 U.S. Ethanol Exports Could Hit Record 4 Billion Gallons by 2022, Says Expert

01-25-2019 Gevo Supplies ATJ to California Airport, Joins SAF Coalition

01-24-2019 Novozymes Reports Significant Growth in Bioenergy Sales for 2018

01-23-2019 The Netherlands Will Transfer All Military Aviation to Biofuel

01-21-2019 Ethanol Production Back Up

01-18-2019 HRSG Health: Efficiency and Performance

01-16-2019 Etihad Flies First Flight Using Part Biofuel

01-16-2019 EPA's Wheeler Says Shutdown is Delaying New Ethanol Gasoline Rule

01-15-2019 EIA: Ethanol Production to Remain Relatively Flat in 2019, 2020

01-09-2019 EPA Says It Is Committed To Rule For Higher Ethanol Blend By Summer Driving Season

01-08-2019 USGC: Potential For Growing Ethanol Markets In Nigeria, Ghana



12-31-2018 Corn Use For Fuel Ethanol at 462 million Bushels in October

12-20-2018 Corn Ethanol Production Has Minimal Effect on Cropland Use, Study Shows

12-19-2018 On Eleventh Anniversary, RFS2 ‘Has Unquestionably Lived Up to its Promise’

12-19-2018 Exclusive: Exxon Mobil Secured U.S. Hardship Waiver From Biofuels Laws - Sources

12-14-2018 DDGS, Grain Sales Top $400 Million at 2018 Export Exchange

12-13-2018 EIA Maintains 2018, 2019 Ethanol Production Forecasts

12-13-2018 Garbage-to-Ethanol Plant in Inver Grove Heights Advances

12-11-2018 Report: Biofuels, Bioproducts Required to Meet GHG Goals

12-11-2018 E Energy Adams Saves Money and Energy with a New Heat Recovery System

12-11-2018 Mid-Level Ethanol Blends Are the Transportation Fuel of the 21st Century, NFU Says

12-11-2018 IEA Chief: Ethanol ‘Very Important’ To Reduce Oil Dependence

12-07-2018 Burgeoning U.S. Ethanol Exports Third Highest on Record; Global Demand for U.S. DDGS Remains Strong

12-06-2018 U.S. Ethanol Production Climbs

12-03-2018 Ontario Could Require E15 as Soon as 2025


11-28-2018 Al-Corn Clean Fuel Supports MN FFA

11-28-2018 Exclusive: EPA Refinery Biofuel Waiver Program on Hold Pending Review - Sources

11-27-2018 Enogen Corn from Syngenta Combined with SMT and FST Technologies from ICM Help to Provide Added Value to Ethanol Production at Minnesota Plant

11-21-2018 Exclusive: Chevron Granted Waiver from U.S. Biofuel Laws at Utah Plant - Source

11-20-2018 Demand Destruction from Small Refinery Exemptions is Clear and Continuing

11-17-2018 CVEC, BioPro Seek Benson's Support for Steam Energy Proposal on Portion of Fibrominn Property

11-14-2018 Toyota Bringing an Ethanol Hybrid Car to Market

11-13-2018 Iowa Senator Says Expect Fewer Biofuel Waivers From Wheeler's EPA

11-08-2018 USDA WASDE Maintains Forecast For Corn Use in Ethanol

11-08-2018 Electricity and Biofuels Needed in Tandem to Meet Climate Goals, UN Report Says

11-07-2018 EIA Increases Ethanol Production Forecast for 2019

11-02-2018 Corn Growers Dispute Land Use Petition Claims

11-01-2018 Sharing The Octane Advantage Of Ethanol With World Markets


10-30-2018 RFA Pushes Back on API E15 Push Poll

10-24-2018 Novozymes Reports Sales Growth For Bioenergy Segment

10-23-2018 Saudi Arabia Shows Need to End Addiction to Middle Eastern Oil

10-17-2018 Ace Ethanol Begins D3MAX Plant Construction at Stanley Wisconsin Facility

10-16-2018 Dems Ask Trump Administration to Honor Renewable Fuel Standard Commitments

10-09-2018 Next Yeast Product Lifts Yields, Robustness

10-08-2018 Trump Orders Start of Process to Allow E-15 Fuel Sales Year-Round

10-03-2018 RFA Elects Pacific Ethanol’s Neil Koehler as Chairman


9-27-2018 White House Mulls Limits On Biofuel Trading As Part of E15 Deal: Sources

9-25-2018 Nebraska Will Test 30 Percent Ethanol Blend in State Vehicles

9-19-2018 House Members Advocate for Strong RFS, Year-Round E15 Sales

9-18-2018 Klobuchar Talks Ethanol in Fergus Falls

9-13-2018 Virgin Atlantic Announces World First in Race to Develop New Sustainable Aviation Fuel

9-13-2018 Virgin Australia Leads Trial Using Gevo’s Biojet in Brisbane

9-13-2018 United Airlines Commits to a Cleaner Future; Becomes First U.S. Airline to Pledge to Reduce Own Emissions by 50 Percent by 2050

9-12-2018 Farm, Ethanol Groups Urge President Trump To Restore Integrity To RFS, Allow Year-Round E15 Sales

9-07-2018 Young, Peterson Lead Fight to Reallocate RFS Obligations Exempted by EPA Waivers

9-07-2018 University Analysis: EPA’s Refiner Waivers Could Cost Ethanol Industry $20 Billion in Losses

9-05-2018 ICM, Inc. To Design and Fabricate ZEBREX System for Aemetis, Inc


8-30-2018 RFA, Growth Energy File Lawsuit Over RFS Exemption Records

8-30-2018 USDA Memo Encourages EPA To Account For Small Refinery Waivers

8-29-2018 President Trump Calls for E15 Relief Now

8-22-2018 Industry faults EPA as Cellulosic Ethanol Production Lags

8-21-2018 Advanced Fuel Dynamics Announces Performance Flex Fuel Systems For UTV Applications

8-15-2018 Six States Account For More Than 70% Of U.S. Fuel Ethanol Production

8-15-2018 Grassley Says EPA No Longer Consdering Export RINs 

8-13-2018 EPA Chief Does Little to Calm Iowa Farmers' Fears

8-09-2018 Gevo Discusses Future Expansion Plans for Luverne Plant Site

8-09-2018 U.S. Ethanol Shipments Rebound as Brazil and Canada Vie for the Top Spot; DDGS Shipments Push Higher

8-07-2018 USGC Joins USDA Trade Mission to Promote Ethanol

8-03-2018 USGC Explores Potential Ethanol Demand in Chile and Argentina

8-01-2018 US Fuel Ethanol Production Capacity Continues to Increase


7-26-2018 EPA: 25.57 Million Cellulosic RINs Generated in June

7-24-2018 Andrew Wheeler Must Reverse Damage to American Heartland

7-23-2018 EPA Hasn’t Told The Whole Story of The Benefits of Biofuels

7-21-2018 Inver Grove Heights Biofuel Plant Still on Track, But Hurdles Remain

7-17-2018 California Reaches GHG Reduction Goal

7-13-2018 Grassley Blasts EPA's 'Non-Answer' Over Waivers

7-09-2018 Ernst: It Was Time For Pruitt To Go

7-06-2018 Biofuel Backers Hopeful for a Change as Pruitt Resigns

7-03-2018 Ethanol Helps Fourth of July Travelers Declare Independence from High Gas Prices


6-29-2018 Ethanol Production Continues Strong

6-29-2018 Scandals Haven't Beaten Pruitt. A Biofuel Policy Fight Might

6-28-2018 Ethanol Summit Getting Industry, Environmental Regulators On Same Page

6-26-2018 U.S. Sen. Tina Smith Remains Skeptical of EPA’s Proposed Targets for Ethanol, Other Renewable Fuels to be Blended into Nation’s Fuel Supply in 2019

6-26-2018 Exclusive: Trump's EPA Ignored Energy Department Calls to Limit Biofuel Waivers

6-24-2018 Business and Farm Leaders Seek Relief from Limits on Biofuels

6-21-2018 Gevo and Avfuel Enter into Renewable Jet Fuel Supply Agreement

6-20-2018 Lawmakers Demand Answers from EPA on Failed Implementation of Renewable Fuel Standard

6-20-2018 ADM, DuPont to Develop, Produce and Market Cellulase Enzymes

6-20-2018 EPA to Propose Reallocating Waived Biofuels Volumes to Other Refiners: Sources

6-16-2018 Pruitt’s New Problem With The GOP: Ethanol

6-15-2018 EIA Maintains It's 2018, 2019 Ethanol Production Forecasts

6-15-2018 Scott Pruitt’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Ethanol Tour

6-13-2018 Senate Ag Committee Restores 2018 Farm Bill Energy Title Funding

6-12-2018 Enogen Corn from Syngenta Has Agreements with 30+ Plants with Combined Capacity of 3 Billion Gallons

6-05-2018 Trump Administration Biofuels Deal Delayed Indefinitely: Sources

6-05-2018 DuPont Industrial Biosciences Launches Three New Products for Fuel Ethanol Market

6-01-2018 New Poll: Consumers Agree that E15 Barrier is ‘Unnecessary’ and ‘Ridiculous’


5-29-2018 Ethanol, Farm Groups Sue EPA Over Refineries' Biofuels Exemptions

5-23-2018 Best in the Business

5-21-2018 Ethanol Summit of the Asia Pacific Highlights Global Ethanol Use Opportunities

5-18-2018 U.S. Ethanol Exports Continue Upward Streak

5-15-2018 Gevo to Focus on Ethanol production, Improvements at Luverne

5-15-2018 Republican Senator Demands EPA Scale Back Refinery Biofuel Waivers

5-10-2018 Ethanol Is a Critical Piece of America's Energy Strategy

5-08-2018 USGC: First Full Cargo of US DDGS Arrives in Tunisia

5-07-2018 Repeating History with Octane Biofuel Standards is a Huge Mistake

5-03-2018 March U.S. Ethanol Exports Just a Hair Lower than February’s Record Volume

5-02-2018 White House Sets Meeting With Senators on Biofuels Next Week: Sources

5-01-2018 Port of Seattle Announces Partnership for Sustainable Aviation Fuels at Sea-Tac Airport

5-01-2018 RFA: Ethanol Saves Consumers Money at the Pump


4-30-2018 Senators Press Pruit to Allow Year-Round E15 Sales

4-26-2018 Perdue Calls RFS Waivers ‘Direct Demand Destruction’

4-25-2018 Former Senators, Biofuels Champions: EPA Actions Contrary to Law/Congressional Intent

4-25-2018 Syngenta: Cellerate Technology Can Benefit Ethanol Producers

4-23-2018 Carbon Capture Could Be a Financial Opportunity for US Biofuels

4-20-2018 Peterson Co-Signs RFS Waiver Letter to Trump

4-18-2018 CVEC To Install Whitefox ICE Bolt-On Membrane Dehydration System

4-12-2018 Trump Administration Weighs High-Ethanol Fuel Waiver To Placate Farmers

4-09-2018 Senators Ask Trump to Suspend EPA's Use of Biofuel Waivers


3-30-2018 Highwater Ethanol Applying for Boosting Production

3-27-2018 Green Biologics Partners With Kingsford Charcoal To Launch New Ecolight Natural Charcoal Lighter Fluid

3-23-2018 Minnesota Ag Has Much to Lose in U.S.-China Trade Spat

3-20-2018 Enerkem Makes a Major Breakthrough by Producing a New High-Octane Biofuel

3-19-2018 Toyota Reveals World-First Flexible Fuel Hybrid Prototype in Brazil

3-17-2018 Expanded Ethanol Plant Boosts Production

3-13-2018 Sen. Tina Smith Stands up for Minnesota Jobs & American Energy Independence, Presses White House to Preserve Strong Renewable Fuel Standard

3-07-2018 Positive US Ethanol Margins are Driving Ethanol Production Growth

3-01-2018 University of Illinois Analysis: 10-Cent RIN Price Cap Would be ‘Catastrophic’ for Renewable Fuels

3-01-2018 Third White House Biofuel Summit This Week Ends Without Deal

3-01-2018 EPA Unresponsive to Senators’ Letter on Agency Position on RIN Prices


2-27-2018 Grassley Statement on Northey Confirmation, RFS White House Meeting

2-20-2018 Biofuels and Electric Vehicles Key to EU Decarbonisation, Report Claims

2-15-2018 Ethanol to Aid Engine Efficiency Improvements, Emission Reduction

2-13-2018 Nissan Considering Hybrid, Fuel-cell and Biofuel Utes and Vans

2-09-2018 Biofuels Feedstock Study Supports Billion-Ton Estimate

2-08-2018 EIA Maintains 2018, 2019 Ethanol Production Forecasts

2-07-2018 New RFA Report Confirms Record Ethanol Exports of 1.37 Billion Gallons in 2017

2-06-2018 Memo : Grassley Analysis Finds RFS Has Minimal Impact On Success Of Refineries

2-05-2018 Novozymes Adds Yeast to Bioenergy Business


1-30-2018 Cargill to Produce Ethanol at Germany Plant

1-29-2018 Philadelphia Energy Solutions Wrong to Blame Renewable Fuel Standard for Bankruptcy

1-24-2018 USGC: DDGS Exports Set New Record to Southeast Asia

1-23-2018 Algeria Removes Value-Added Tax on US DDGS, Corn Gluten Feed

1-22-2018 EPA: Nearly 230 Million Cellulosic RINs Generated in 2017

1-19-2018 More Countries Adopting Ethanol Policies

1-16-2018 New Study Shows Producers Where and How to Grow Cellulosic Biofuel Crops

1-16-2018 Brazil Considers Lifting Tariff on U.S. Ethanol

1-12-2018 RFS Roundup: Economists Largely Agree RINs Not Wreaking Havoc on Refining Industry

1-12-2018 USDA Raises Estimate for Corn Production in January WASDE

1-12-2018 Renewable Fuels Marketing Awards to Kwik Trip, Iowa 80

1-11-2018 Bolivian Govt Announces Intent To Establish E10 Mandate

1-11-2018 Corn States Partner Together for E15 Television Campaign on Big Ten Network

1-10-2018 EIA Predicts Increased Ethanol Consumption in 2018, 2019

1-09-2018 Japan Opens Comment Period on Proposal to Allow US Corn Ethanol

1-08-2018 CHS to Use Enogen Corn at Illinois Ethanol Plant

1-05-2018 U.S. Ethanol Exports Swell in November, as Brazil is Top Destination and China Returns to Market

1-02-2018 USGC Explores Potential for Ethanol Use in Indonesia, Thailand



12-28-2017 Iowa Produces Record 4.2 Billion Gallons of Ethanol in 2017

12-24-2017 How Refiners Can Lower the High Price of Renewable Fuel Credits: Invest

12-19-2017 Japan to Accept US Corn Ethanol

12-19-2017 RFA Analysis Finds ‘Tremendous Progress’ Made Toward Meeting Energy, Environmental, Economic Goals of RFS2

12-15-2017 Newly Appointed Minnesota Senator Strong Supporter of Ethanol

12-14-2017 Canada Releases Clean Fuel Standard Framework

12-13-2017 Fischer: Standing Up for Rural America

12-11-2017 Testing Being Performed as Part of FAA’s CLEEN Program to Promote the Use of Bio-Based Jet Fuels

12-08-2017 Green Plains to Use Enogen Corn from Syngenta

12-07-2017 US Ethanol Industry Sets New Production Record

12-07-2017 U.S. Ethanol, DDGS Exports Up in October

12-04-2017 Ontario Looks to Double Amount of Ethanol in Gasoline


11-29-2017 Sen. Klobuchar on EPA Release of Renewable Fuel Standard Requirements

11-28-2017 Report: US Corn, Ethanol Could Benefit From China E10 Mandate

11-27-2017 DuPont Launches Synerxia Thrive to Increase Ethanol Yields

11-22-2017 EPA Won’t Change Responsibility for Ensuring Renewable Fuels

11-20-2017 AURI Names Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co. Ag Innovator of 2017

11-16-2017 Biofuture@COP23: Major Countries Agree to Scale up the Low Carbon Bioeconomy and Develop Sustainable Biofuels Targets

11-15-2017 USGC: China Reallows Exemption from Value Added Tax for US DDGS

11-14-2017 RFA Analysis: Automakers Approve E15 in Nearly 90% of New 2018 Vehicles

11-09-2017 NRRI Develops Solid Biofuel to Offset Coal

11-08-2017 Consumers Win with Ethanol

11-08-2017 On Fly Green Day, Eight Airlines Fly with Gevo’s Jet Fuel from O’Hare Air BP Provides Commercial Validation of Jet Fuel Delivery System at Chicago O’Hare with Renewable Jet Fuel

11-04-2017 Senator Weighs In On Ethanol

11-01-2017 OMB Reviewing Final Rule To Set 2018 RFS RVOs


10-27-2017 RFA Data: More Than 4,000 US Stations Offering E85

10-20-2017 EPA Abandons Changes to U.S. Biofuel Program After Lawmaker Pressure

10-19-2017 Op-Ed: High Renewable Fuel Standard Crucial to Help Farmers and Climate

10-18-2017 Trump Tells EPA to Boost Biofuels After Iowa Uproar

10-17-2017 Study: Biofuels Key in Reducing GHG Emissions

10-17-2017 Ernst Meets with EPA Administrator Pruitt to Stress Need to Maintain a Strong RFS

10-16-2017 Qantas Airways to Operate Biofuel Flight from LA to Melbourne by 2020

10-16-2017 New Statistical Analysis: No Relationship Between RIN Credits and Retail Gasoline Prices

10-13-2017 EPA Approves Flint Hill Resources' Iowa Falls Plant For Cellulosic Ethanol Using Edeniq's Technology

10-11-2017 Farm Bill Energy Issues Essential for State, Franken Says

10-10-2017 Growth Energy: More Than 1,000 US Fuel Stations Now Offering E15

10-05-2017 Senators Urge Pruitt to Issue Strong 2018 RFS RVOs

10-04-2017 Grassley Hopeful on Fate of Renewable Fuels

10-03-2017 Gevo to Supply Jet Fuel to Virgin Australia at Brisbane Airport in Australia Flights Expected to be Flown through the End of 2018

10-03-2017  RFA Signs Letter Urging President Trump to Maintain Strong Commitment to Biofuels

10-02-2017 USGC Works to Expand Ethanol Use in Africa

10-02-2017 Trump Must Make the Renewable Fuel Standard Great Again


9-27-2017 EPA Mulls Counting Ethanol Exports Against Mandates: Sources

9-26-2017 US EPA Considers Cutting 2018-19 Advanced Biofuel Mandate on Biodiesel Supply

9-26-2017 Grassley: Proposed Biofuel Reduction Seems Like "Bait-And-Switch"

9-25-2017 U.S. Corn Ethanol Producers Aim To Out-Pump Competitors

9-20-2017 Al-Corn Ethanol Project Will Benefit Area Corn Farmers

9-19-2017 Al-Corn Clean Fuel Members Vote To Become Limited Liability Company

9-19-2017 Senators Ask Lighthizer To Resolve Brazilian Tariff Issue

9-15-2017 Enerkem Begins Commercial Production Of Cellulosic Ethanol From Garbage At Its State-Of-The-Art Edmonton Biofuels Facility

9-13-2017 EIA Increases 2017, 2018 Ethanol Production Forecasts

9-13-2017 China Set for Ethanol Binge as Beijing Pumps Up Renewable Fuel Drive

9-11-2017 Edeniq Supports LCFS Pathway For Corn Kernel Fiber Ethanol

9-08-2017 Vietnam Reopens Market to U.S. DDGS Exports

9-07-2017 Al-Corn Expansion on-Budget, Under-Schedule, CEO Says


8-29-2017 More Ethanol Equals Improved Air Quality and Reduced Oil Dependency

8-28-2017 Cellerate + Enogen Could Meet Cellulosic Ethanol Goal

8-23-2017 Biofuels and Biogas Unite in Call for Cellulosic Targets

8-21-2017 EPA Approves Efficient Producer Pathway for Al-Corn Clean Fuel

8-18-2017 New Academic Journal Study : RFS Offers Substantial Benefits To US Economy

8-17-2017 USGC: Exports of US Feed Grains In All Forms Setting Records

8-08-2017 Al-Corn CEO Testifies at EPA Hearing

8-04-2017 Minnesota Biodiesel Standard Will Double Next Year

8-04-2017 Canada Unseats Brazil as Top Ethanol Export Destination in June

8-03-2017 Will the Biofuels Era Take Off at Sea-Tac?

8-03-2017 A Better Fuel Mix Can Be 'Made in America'

8-02-2017 Research Aims To 'Co-Optimize' Biofuels For Future Engines

8-02-2017 Govs. Ricketts, Reynolds Testify at EPA Hearing, Urge Greater Federal Support for Advanced Biofuels


7-28-2017 Court Decision Released on Case Against 2015 RFS

7-26-2017 Minnesota E15 sales Hit Monthly Record

7-21-2017 U.S. Fuel Ethanol Production Continues to Grow in 2017

7-19-2017 USGC: US DDGS Exports Up 16 Percent to Southeast Asia

7-19-2017 Consumer & Fuel Retailer Choice Act deserves OK

7-17-2017 Al-Corn Expansion a Bit Ahead of Schedule

7-17-2017 Tiny Particles Increase in Air with Ethanol-to-Gasoline Switch

7-12-2017 Al-Corn Ethanol Production Closes in On 3-gallon Per Bushel Goal

7-12-2017 EPA schedules hearing on RFS proposal for Aug. 1

7-10-2017 Opinion: Increased Access to E15 Will Help to Drive U.S. Energy Independence

7-06-2017 Peterson on the EPA’s RFS Proposal

7-05-2017 Klobuchar on EPA Release of Proposed Renewable Fuel Standard Requirements

7-05-2017 Sen. Franken’s Statement on the Proposed 2018 Renewable Fuel Standard Targets

7-05-2017 Proposed Volume Standards for 2018, and the Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for 2019


6-30-2017 Brazilian Ethanol Concerns Said to Drive Delay in EPA's Quotas

6-27-2017 American Oversight Sues EPA to Release Communications with Carl Icahn

6-27-2017 More Energy, More Choice

6-23-2017 Representatives Press Pruitt On Icahn’s role In Shaping the RFS

6-19-2017 U.S. Ethanol Organizations Applaud Mexico’s Adoption Of E10

6-16-2017 Nissan Brazil Ends Initial Tests of Ethanol Fuel Cell

6-14-2017 Senate Hearing Reviews E15 Bill; Path Forward Unclear

6-13-2017 Poll: Small Engine Owners Power Up on Ethanol Blends

6-07-2017 RFS Has Been ‘Tremendous Success’ Since Adoption, According to RFA Analysis

6-07-2017 Waste Not, Want Not: Byproduct of Ethanol Industry Makes Suitable Cattle Feed Supplement

6-06-2017 U.S. Senators Press EPA for Documents on Icahn's Biofuel Dealings

6-05-2017 E15 Biofuel in NASCAR and Spreading Across the Country


5-26-2017 Owning The Ethanol Exec Role

5-24-2017 American Drivers Surpass 1 Billion Miles on E15

5-24-2017 Free Trade Needed to Maximize Biofuels’ Benefit

5-22-2017 EPA: 1.79 billion RINs generated in April

5-17-2017 Solenis Acquires Nopco Colombiana

5-11-2017 EIA Increases 2017 Ethanol Production Outlook 

5-11-2017 Argonne National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory Receive Funding to Support the Blending of Gevo’s Isobutanol with Gasoline

5-10-2017 Gevo Discusses Future Plans for Luverne Plant

5-08-2017 Secretary Perdue Shows Support for Renewable Energy

5-04-2017 Renewable Fuels Are Part of an ‘America First’ Energy Plan


4-26-2017 RVP Parity a Win, Win for Consumers  

4-26-2017 Novozymes Eyes Increase in US Ethanol Output

4-25-2017 Untold Story of DDGS’ Positive Environmental Impact

4-19-2017 U.S. Gasoline Contained More than 10% Ethanol in 2016, Shattering the ‘Blend Wall’ Myth Once and For All

4-07-2017 API Push Poll Doesn’t Reflect Reality

4-06-2017 Syngenta Discusses the Future of Cellulosic Ethanol and Opportunities for Dry Grind Ethanol Producers

4-04-2017 RFA: February Ethanol Exports Neared Record, DDGS Shipments Rose

4-03-2017 Ethanol Workforce Big on Military Vets


3-31-2017 LETTER: Ethanol Production is Crucial for Economy

3-28-2017 To Win RFS Fights, We Must Stand United

3-21-2017 2017-'18 RVOs Assumed Intact as Regulatory Freeze Deadline Passes

3-19-2017 Louisiana Becomes 29th State to Adopt E15 Ethanol

3-18-2017 Inver Grove Plant Would be First in U.S. to Turn Garbage Into Ethanol

3-16-2017 Economists: Octane Premium Offsets Ethanol Energy Penalty

3-16-2017 Senators Urge Trump to Maintain RFS Point of Obligation

3-09-2017 Chart of Note: The U.S. Is The Top World Net Exporter Of Ethanol

3-08-2017 Trump Adviser Icahn Accused of Breaching Lobbying Rules

3-06-2017 COMMENTARY: Small Retailers Against Changing RFS Point of Obligation

3-06-2017 Branstad Shoots Down Rumored Anti-Ethanol Backroom Deal

3-03-2017 Peterson Statement: Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act


2-28-2017 'Purest Definition Of A Conflict': Icahn's $126 Million Gain On Biofuel Deal Draws Criticism

2-28-2017 RFA Talking Ethanol Regs with Trump Adviser

2-22-2017 New Economic Analysis Exposes Problems with Changing the Renewable Fuel Standard Point of Obligation

2-22-2017 Ethanol, the Key to Recovery of the Farm Economy

2-22-2017 Retailers, Marketers Urge EPA to Maintain Point of Obligation

2-21-2017 US Drivers to Rely on Internal Combustion for Decades to Come

2-21-2017 Novozymes Launches Advanced Enzymes to Increase Ethanol Yields and Plant Profits

2-17-2017 Ernst Leads Letter to EPA Calling for Solution to Costly, Burdensome Ethanol Regulations

2-16-2017 Ace Ethanol to Install D3MAX Cellulosic Ethanol Pilot Plant

2-15-2017 Racing, Engine Experts See Benefits in Ethanol

2-14-2016 Peterson, Davis, Noem, and Loebsack Lead Call for Strong RFS

2-14-2017 Gevo Signs Letter of Intent with HCS Holding for Commercial Supply of Isooctane

2-14-2017 Jungbunzlauer and Green Biologics Partner on Bio-Based Plasticizers

2-14-2017 New RFA Report Shows U.S. Distillers Grains Exports Reached 11.48 Million Metric Tons in 2016

2-13-2017 Dems Probe Trump Adviser Icahn’s Role in Ethanol Policy

2-09-2017 NDSU Scientists Study Distillers Grains as Fertilizer

2-08-2017 EIA Revises 2017, 2018 Ethanol Production Forecasts

2-08-2017 Ethanol Production Tops a Million Barrels for 15th Week in a Row

2-07-2017 Ethanol and DDGS Exports Cap Off 2016 with Strong December Volumes

2-01-2017 Ethanol Production Continues to Set Records


1-31-2017 EPA Approves Little Sioux Corn Processors for Cellulosic Ethanol

1-28-2017 Farmers Looking at On-Farm Ethanol Plants

1-26-2017 Outlook 2017: Rapid Adoption of E15

1-25-2017 No Impact on RFS Expected from Regulation Freeze

1-23-2017 Fuel Ethanol’s Role in the Fight Against Climate Change

1-21-2017 Successful Minnesota Biofuels Industry Awaits Trump

1-19-2017 US Ethanol Production Breaks Record for Third Consecutive Week

1-16-2017 U.S. Ethanol Exports up 85% During First Quarter

1-16-2017 New UN Report Shows Food vs Fuel Fallacy

1-13-2017 Study Looks at Biofuel for Flights Out of Sea-Tac

1-13-2017 EIA: Ethanol Production Expected to Increase Slightly in 2018

1-12-2017 USDA : Corn Ethanol Reduces GHG Emissions By 43%

1-11-2016 US Ethanol Industry Opens 2017 with Record-Setting Production

1-10-2017 Gevo Releases Operational Update, Achieves EPA Pathway Approval

1-10-2017 Bushmills Ethanol Plans Expansion Pending MPCA Review

1-09-2017 Prospects for Corn Consumption from Ethanol Production in 2017

1-08-2017 Ethanol Increasingly a Stabilizing Factor for Iowa Farmers' Income

1-06-2017 Syngenta Grows Enogen® Corn Footprint, With Total Ethanol Production Capacity Now Approaching 2 Billion Gallons

1-05-2017 Grassley Welcomes Positive Statement on Renewable Fuel Standard, Rule of Law from EPA Nominee

1-05-2017 Weekly Ethanol Production is Higher

1-04-2017 Grassley to Host Meeting with Pruitt, Midwest Senators

1-03-2017 Activist Investor Wrong to Attack Homegrown Biofuels



12-29-2016 Iowa Energy Plan Includes Role Ethanol Can Play in State's Future

12-27-2016 Pellet Made from Distillers Grain Packs Protein, Not Fat

12-22-2016 Call to Action

12-20-2016 EPA Approves Flint Hills Resources for Cellulosic Ethanol from Edeniq’s Pathway Technology

12-19-2016 Creating Jobs with Innovation

12-14-2016 US Ethanol Production Sets New Weekly Record

12-13-2016 DOE Data: Half of United States Broke Through So-Called "Blend Wall" In 2015

12-13-2016 Minnesota n-Butanol Plant Comes Online

12-07-2016 Reinvigorating Renewable Energy in Southern Minnesota

12-07-2016 Ethanol Industry Offers Agribusiness Potential

12-05-2016 Franken Successfully Helps Fight to Improve RFS

12-04-2016 Ernst Stresses Importance of Strong RFS for Rural Economies at Hearing

12-02-2016 How United Leads the Airline Industry in Reducing Carbon Emissions

12-01-2016 RFA Statement on Senate Hearing Focused on GAO RFS Reports

12-01-2016 Groups Letter to EPA: Don't Change RFS Program Point of Obligaton


11-30-2016 RFA Analysis: Automakers Approve E15 in More than 80% of New 2017 Vehicles

11-29-2016 GAO RFS Reports Paint Incomplete Picture of Advanced Biofuels

11-28-2016 Ethanol Provides a Bright Spot in Dismal Ag Picture

11-25-2016 EPA: Cellulosic RIN Generation Reaches 17.79 Million in October

11-24-2016 New Federal Mandate a Victory for Minnesota's Ethanol Producers

11-23-2016 Klobuchar on Obama's Fenewable Fuel Requirement: 'We couldn't have better Thanksgiving news'

11-23-2016 Final Renewable Fuel Standards for 2017, and the Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for 2018

11-21-2016 Car Clinic’s Bobby Likis Talks Ethanol & Mechanics

11-21-2016 Argonne Researchers Study How Reflectivity of Biofuel Crops Impacts Climate

11-20-2016 Renewable Fuel Standard 'Solid' Through Trump Era, Vilsack Says

11-16-2016 White House Decarbonization Report Addresses Biofuels, Biomass

11-16-2016 New Report Knocks the Stuffing Out of ‘Food vs. Fuel’ Turkeys

11-14-2016 Gevo (GEVO) Says Alaska Airlines to Fly Today on Its Cellulosic Renewable Alcohol to Jet Fuel

11-11-2016 NASCAR to Surpass 10 million Miles on Sunoco Green E15

11-10-2016 EPA Aims to Reject Request to Move RFS Point of Obligation

11-10-2016 AgMRC Looks At Drivers Behind High Ethanol Blending

11-09-2016 RFA: September Ethanol Exports Balloon as China Returns to Market

11-07-2016 Emails Show Collusion Against Ethanol

11-02-2016 Ethanol Advocates, Opponents Brace for Ruling

11-01-2016 Novozymes Named to Climate “A-List”


10-31-2016 SeaTac Aims to be National Leader in Jet Biofuels, Announces Study with Richard Branson’s Nonprofit

10-25-2016 USDA Awards $327 Million in REAP Funding

10-22-2016 Is Ethanol in Your Gas a Problem? We Revisited the Question With an Expert

10-20-2016 White House OMB Reviews 2017 RFS Rule

10-19-2016 RFA: Data Show the So-Called “Blend Wall” is Crumbling

10-19-2016 UAI: EPA Emails Show Oil Industry Helped Design Test Fuels

10-18-2016 Don’t Let Foreign Interests Prevent US Biofuels Future

10-17-2016 Auto Club Monitoring Proves Ethanol Blending Safe

10-13-2016 Ethanol Plant Keeping Up at Harvest

10-11-2016 Gevo Produces First Cellulosic Renewable Jet Fuel Specified for Use on Commercial Airline Flights

10-11-2016 Data Dispel the Myth of the Blend Wall

10-04-2016 Green Biologics Selects Caldic as its EU Distribution Partner

10-03-2016 EPA Proposes Biofuels Market Growth Rule


9-28-2016 Americans Pumping Record Amounts of Ethanol in Their Gasoline

9-27-2016 High Octane, Low Carbon Fuels Can Play Role in Compliance with Fuel Economy and GHG Standards, RFA Says

9-21-2016 New DOE Study: Gas Becomes “Stale” Long Before Water Uptake Becomes a Concern

9-21-2016 At The Heart Of The Ethanol Process

9-19-2016 Do We Still Need a Renewable Fuel Standard?

9-14-2016 Bureaucratic Barrier To Cleaner, Cheaper E15 Will Be Lifted Thursday

9-07-2016 Gevo To Supply Lufthansa With Renewable Jet Fuel

9-06-2016 New York Proposes Updated Fuel Regulations Allowing for E15


8-30-2016 Wayne Standardizes Offering for All North American Retail

8-25-2016 API-Funded Study Obscures Lifecycle Emission Benefits Of Biofuels

8-23-2016 Renewable Fuels Deserve A Place At The Pump

8-19-2016 It's Time To Address RVP

8-15-2016 Al-Corn Celebrates 20 Years, Looks To Future

8-12-2016 Record Crop, Record Ethanol Production Underscore Importance of Getting RFS Back on Track

8-09-2016 #ACE2016 Hears about Booming Minnesota #Ethanol Industry

8-08-2016 In Pitting Biofuels Against The Environment, Only Clear Winner Is Oil

8-08-2016 Nissan Debuts Fuel-Cell Prototype Powered By Bio-Ethanol

8-04-2016 Nissan Pushes Forward With Ethanol-Based Fuel Cell Development

8-03-2016 RFA Asks EPA, CFTC To Examine Possible Manipulation Of RIN Market


7-29-2016 Does the U.S. EPA Not Want Biofuels?

7-26-2016 Jim Wessing: EPA Should Maintain Renewable Fuel Standard

7-25-2016 USDA Seeks Applications for Funding to Help Develop Advanced Biofuels and Biobased Products

7-22-2016 Automotive Expert & Car-Talk Host Bobby Likis Talks with Randy Doyal, Chief Executive Officer of Al-Corn Clean Fuel

7-19-2016 The Energy and Job Creation Program that Works for People and the Environment

7-19-2016 U.S. Fuel Terminal Operator to Offer Higher Ethanol Blend

7-15-2016 US House Biofuels Caucus Makes Final Plea for EPA to Increase Biofuel Target to 15bn Gallons

7-14-2016 40-Plus Groups Call on Congress to End Tax Breaks for Big Oil

7-12-2016 Ethanol Standard Saves Consumers Money

7-10-2016 Ethanol Fuels the Race Against Climate Change

7-08-2016 Ethanol Claim A Dangerous Combination Of Misinformation, Power

7-06-2016 How Biofuels Can Help Break Up Big Oil’s Marketshare Monopoly


6-29-2016 Strategies to Combating Climate Change Must Include Biofuels

6-28-2016 EPA Seeks Comments on RFS

6-28-2016 Study Finds US Biodiesel Industry Supports Nearly 48,000 Jobs

6-24-2016 Ethanol Clean, Renewable, High Performing Fuel

6-24-2016 Klobuchar, Grassley Lead Bipartisan Group Of 39 Senators In Calling For A Strong Renewable Fuel Standard For 2017 As EPA Finalizes Rule

6-21-2016 API Singing the Same Push Poll Tune

6-16-2016 Biofuels Industry Looks to Meet Strong Demand, Emission Needs

6-15-2016 GRFA: Commit to Biofuels Policies to Achieve COP21 Targets

6-15-2016 US Ethanol Production Sets New Weekly Record

6-15-2016 Bioenergy Crops Are Not a Risk to Food Production, Says a New Report

6-14-2016 Nissan to Develop Ethanol-Based Fuel Cell Technology by 2020

6-07-2016 Alaska Airlines Operates First Flights with Minnesota-Made Corn-Based Jet Fuel

6-03-2016 U.S. Net Ethanol Exports Hit 52-Month High ; China Is Top Market For Second Straight Month


5-31-2016 Trestle, Larksen Partner To Reduce CO2 From Ethanol, Coal Power

5-25-2016 Ethanol Called Fuel of Future

5-25-2016 The Case for More Ethanol: Why Green Critics Are Wrong

5-24-2016 US Water Facility in Minnesota Wins Safety Award

5-20-2016 Ethanol Fuels Energy Security

5-19-2016 Gov. Ricketts Highlights Benefits of Biofuels During Renewable Fuels Month

5-18-2016 It's Time For An Octane Boost

5-11-2016 RFA Statement Opposing Bill Capping Ethanol Blends

5-10-2016 Boating and Engine Experts Call on Lawmakers to Boost Biofuel Blends

5-09-2016 US Looks to Go Big on Biofuels as It Diversifies Away From Foreign Oil

5-09-2016 Nearly All U.S. Ethanol is Produced and Sold in Domestic Markets

5-03-2016 Volkswagen to Promote Biofuel-Powered Cars Ahead of Electric Ones to Tackle Carbon Emissions, New Report Suggests

5-02-2016 New Ethanol Production Technology Could Use DDG for Biofuels


4-28-2016 US Water to Present at Fuel Ethanol Workshop

4-28-2016 RFS Central to America’s Manufacturing Strength

4-22-2016 EPA: 1.52 billion RINs Generated in March

4-18-2016 EPA Submits 2017 RFS Rule To White House OMB For Review

4-18-2016 Think It's Fair Big Oil Receives $5 billion Per Year Subsidies? Neither Do We

4-12-2016 EIA : 2016, 2017 Ethanol Production To Increase Over 2015

4-12-2016 The Auto Channel Fires Back At False E15 Claims

4-06-2016 Growth Energy: More Than 150 Million Miles Driven on E15

4-06-2016 Push Poll Push Back

4-05-2016 Biofuel Trade Associations Ask Congressional Leaders to Extend Advanced Biofuel Incentives

4-04-2015 Fuel Option That Reduces Emissions Already Exists


3-29-2016 GRFA Offers Support for Policies to Reduce Transport Emissions

3-27-2016 In Lean Market, Efficiency Improvements Key for Ethanol

3-23-2016 Senators Want Higher Blending Targets For RFS In 2017

3-22-2016 Report Highlight's Impact of Iowa's Ethanol Industry

3-17-2016 I'll Show You A Relic!

3-16-2016 Jerke: Despite Big Oil’s Efforts, Biofuels Are Moving U.S. Forward

3-16-2016 What’s Missing from House Oversight RFS Hearing? The Ethanol Industry

3-10-2016 It Is OK to Fuel the Boat with Ethanol

3-07-2016 China Takes U.S. Ethanol Export Market by Storm; DDGS Exports Slip by 19%

3-07-2016 RFA Analysis Finds Improvement of Corn Ethanol Net Energy Balance

3-03-2016 Vislack Defends Biofuels, Bioenergy During House Hearing

3-02-2016 Growth Energy: Poll Reaffirms Iowans Support of Ethanol and RFS


2-29-2016 Official Numbers Released Today Confirm Record Ethanol Production and Use

2-23-2016 EPA: 1.74 Million Cellulosic RINs Generated in January

2-18-2016 U.S. Exports of Distillers Grains Set New Record in 2015, According to New RFA Report

2-17-2016 GFRA Calls on National Governments to End Fossil Fuels Subsidies

2-16-2016 Ethanol Industry had Wide-Ranging Impact on National Economy in 2015, According to New Study

2-16-2016 Raise Your Voice or Lose Your Choice: RFS Launches #FlexMyChoice FFV Awareness Campaign

2-12-2016 Going Full Throttle With Ethanol

2-12-2016 Economist: No Sunset for RFS, Waivers Impact Future Authority

2-11-2016 ACE: GREET Shows Improvement in Life Cycle Ethanol Emissions

2-09-2016 Corn Use for Ethanol Offsets Lower USDA Export Forecast

2-08-2016 Dupont Says RFS Volumes Put Company's Cellulosic Ethanol Investments at Risk

2-05-2016 As RFA Prepares to Host International Buyers, New Report Shows U.S. Ethanol Exports Reached 836 Million Gallons In 2015

2-04-2016 Economists: Ethanol Retains Low-cost Octane Enhancer Status

2-04-2016 E25, E40 for the Masses


1-29-2016 Cruz Reiterates Firm Opposition To RFS, Other Mandates

1-25-2016 Cruz, Branstad Continue Ethanol Feud

1-21-2016 Promises Made In Iowa

1-20-2015 Donald Trump Turns To Ethanol To Fuel Fight With Ted Cruz

1-19-2015 Iowa Governor Wants Ted Cruz Defeated

1-13-2015 New Study Questions Reliability of Ethanol Results from EPA Vehicle Emissions Model

1-12-2016 Biofuel, Ag Groups Ask Court To Review EPA's Recent RFS Rule

1-10-2016 Trump Accuses Cruz of Flip-Flopping on Ethanol

1-06-2016 Ethanol Industry Reacts to API Criticism of RFS

1-05-2016 ARF Releases Candidate Report Card on RFS Support



12-30-2015 Iowa Ethanol Group Rolls Out The Un-Welcome Mat For Ted Cruz

12-29-2015 Iowa Sets Ethanol Production Record at 4 Billion Gallons in 2015

12-28-2015 Study Shows Consumers, Fuel Retailers More Positive on Ethanol

12-23-2015 Al-Corn Clean Fuel Announces Expansion Plans

12-21-2015 RFA Analysis Shows Uptick in Number of Automakers Who Have Approved E15 for Use in New Vehicles

12-21-2015 Ethanol Will Factor in Big for Both Parties in Iowa

12-21-2015 Reboot Global Debate On Biofuels

12-17-2015 Cruz out of Sync On Ethanol With Likely Republican Caucus-Goers In Iowa Poll

12-16-2015 Port of Seattle Partners with Alaska Airlines and Boeing on Plan to Supply Sustainable Aviation Biofuel at Sea-Tac Airport

12-16-2015 RFA: Tax Incentives will Encourage Growth and Innovation in Nation’s Biofuels Industry

12-14-2015 NREL's 2014 Data Book Features Ethanol Statistics

12-8-2105 RFS Supporters Ramp Up Cruz Criticism

12-8-2015 RFA to EPA: New Gasoline Volatility Regulations Needed

12-7-2015 Keeping America fueled by South Dakota

12-7-2015 How Will RFS Decision Affect the Biofuel Industry?

12-6-2015 Report: Biofuels Contribution to GHG Emissions Offsets Significant

12-4-2015 Global Biofuels and Biotech Industries Unite in Call for Stronger Biofuels Policies to Help in Fight Against Climate Change

12-3-2015 Work to Keep Renewable Fuels Standards High

12-2-2015 Construction Begins on Renewable Chemical Facility in Little Falls

12-2-2015 COP 21 Important Opportunity for World Leaders to Support Biofuels

12-1-2015 Misleading About Ethanol


11-30-2015 EPA Sets 2016 Blending Targets for Ethanol and Other Biofuels

11-30-2015 Renewable Fuel Associations Express Mixed Reactions To Final Rule

11-30-2015 A Big Week Ahead for RFS and Biofuels

11-24-2015 RFS is Crucial to National Security

11-23-2015 Ethanol Backers Enlist ‘Bachelor’ Star to Push Fuels Mandate

11-22-2015 How We Can Free America From the Foreign Oil Cartel

11-20-2015 Analysis : RFS2 Implementation Has Reduced GHG Emissions By 354 Million Metric Tons

11-19-2015 RFA and Growth Meet with OMB and Urge Administration to Uphold the RFS

11-17-2015 What Facts are Really Facts?

11-17-2015 Ethanol Industry Making Profits Despite Lower Price Of Fuel

11-12-2015 Fuels America Launches TV Campaign To Counter Anti-RFS Letter

11-11-2015 NFU Highlights RFS Success

11-10-2015 Don't Weaken The RFS

11-09-2015 Ethanol Reduces Emissions : Clean Fuels Development Coalition

11-06-2015 Oil Lobby Had Hand in House Lawmakers’ Anti-Ethanol Note to EPA

11-05-2015 Poll : Rural Americans Support Candidates Who Support The RFS

11-03-2015 Black Caucus Members Back RFS In Letter To EPA

11-02-2015 Presidential Candidate, Former Senator Visits Quad County

11-02-2015 How Gas-Guzzling Americans Are Aiding The Call For More Biofuels

11-02-2015 White House Begins Final Review Of Ethanol Rule


10-30-2015 Ethanol Industry Disputes API’s Ethanol Claims

10-30-2015 DuPont Celebrates the Opening of the World’s Largest Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

10-28-2015 EPA Biofuels Rule Could Hurt Economy

10-27-2015 New Enzyme Boosts Profits, Cuts Chemical Use at Ethanol Plants

10-26-2015 Common Ground: SD Farm Groups Differ on Policy, but Support Ethanol

10-26-2015 High School Students Visit Al-Corn Ethanol Plant

10-25-2015 Colum: To Win Iowa, You Must Support Ethanol, And That's Good

10-23-2015 UT Study Attempts To Smear Biofuels

10-22-2015 AESI Claims False Attacks on RFS

10-21-2015 Peterson Leads Bipartisan Letter in Support of Strong Final RFS Rule

10-21-2015 Poll Shows Strong Support for RFS, Ethanol in Iowa

10-21-2015 Lack of Strong RFS Policy Could Put Michigan Jobs at Risk

10-20-2015 Slice Through The Political Chatter This Election Season

10-19-2015 Counter-Offensive to Defend RFS Continues

10-16-2015 DuPont Employees Write Letter to Tommey, Defend RFS

10-16-2015 RFA Says EPA Probe Will Prove RFS is Getting Results

10-16-2015 Industry Slams Report That Calls For RFS Reform

10-14-2015 Ethanol Group's Goal: Elect a Pro-RFS President

10-10-2015 Ex-Sen. Talent Revs Up Fight Over Whether Ethanol Must Be Added To Fuel

10-08-2015 NFU, NCGA : RFS Uncertainty Drives Down US Farm Income

10-07-2015 IEA Releases Mid-Term Forecast for Biofuels, Renewable Energy

10-06-2015 Enogen Corn From Sygenta Expands To 16 Ethanol Plants, Reaches 1-Billion Gallon Production Capacity

10-02-2015 Senators Push White House on Ethanol Mandate

10-01-2015 Amendment To Eliminate Corn-Ethanol Blending Defeated


09-26-2015 E85 Makes Original RFS Target Feasible

09-22-2015 Senate Democrats Introduce Comprehensive National Energy Bill

09-22-2015 New Enzyme for Ethanol Producers Reduces Use of Chemicals and Saves Costs

09-17-2015 Advanced Biofuel Industry: RFS Proposal is Damaging Industry

09-16-2015 Time To Cap Fossil Fuel Pollution

09-16-2015 More Ethanol Choices on the Way for Minnesota Region

09-15-2015 RFS: Doing What Congress Intended

09-14-2015 Algenol to Distribute Ethanol Commercially

09-13-2015 Growing Minnoco Gas Station Brand is Fueled by Independent Operators

09-11-2015 UN Data Shows That Ethanol Is Not Causing Food Price Rises

09-04-2015 Bobby Likis Car Clinic : Ethanol Update

09-01-2015 Ethanol Supporters Respond to Spate of Misinformation


08-30-2015 'American Ethanol' Is Shootout Top Gun With 208 MPH Run

08-29-2015 Denco II Received DEED Grant

08-28-2015 Lauren Fix Takes Ethanol Opposition To New Level Of Stupidity

08-26-2015 USGC Reports Progress In Ethanol Export Promotion

08-24-2015 Ending Years Of Litigation, Gevo And Butamax To Work On Creating Markets For New Biofuel

08-21-2015 Minnesota Poised to Play a Role in Next-Generation Heating Oil

08-21-2015 E15, E85 At Retail Gas Stations Highlighted At ACE Conference

08-20-2015 EPA More Enemy Than Ally

08-18-2015 RFA Applauds Fiat Chrysler Approval Of E15

08-17-2015 ICM Successfully Completes Two 1,000-Hour Generation 2.0 Cellulose To Ethanol Performance Runs

08-13-2015 Poet Releases First-Ever Economic Impact Study

08-13-2015 EPA's 'MOVES' Could Cripple Higher Ethanol Blends

08-11-2015 EIA Predicts Ethanol Production Will Hold Steady Through 2016

08-11-2015 Retailers To Highlight E15 Interest & Experiences During ACE Conference

08-05-2015 Why The EPA Must Move Forward With Biofuels

08-03-2015 RFA Applauds EPA For Recalculating 2014 Ethanol Export Estimates


07-29-2015 UAI: Removing ethanol from gasoline increases toxic emissions

07-27-2015 Ethanol to Help Fuel 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

07-27-2015 EPA Administrator to corn farmers: [Our RFS] delay…was disruptive to say the least. I apologize for that.”

07-24-2015 Minnesota Electric Co-Op Opens Ethanol Plant In North Dakota

07-24-2015 Comment Deadline For RFS Proposal Is Monday

07-22-2015 Retired U.S. Generals : Protect Renewable Fuel Standard

07-21-2015 EPA Must Listen To The People On RFS

07-17-2015 Walz Touts Economic, Environmental Benefits At Of Ethanol At Janesville Plant

07-17-2015 Walz Visits Guardian Energy in Janesville, Highlights All-American Energy as Middle Class Economic Engine

07-15-2015 Corn Growers to Rally for Ethanol on Capital Hill

07-13-2015 Ethanol Chronicles Launches Blog to Answer Fuel Critics

07-07-2015 The Voice of the People

07-07-2015 Scientists Study Ways to Integrate Biofuels and Food Crops on Farms

07-06-2015 Renewable Fuel Policy Lagging

07-06-2015 Don't Mess With RFS

07-01-2015 22 States Broke Through The "E10 Blend Wall" ... Two Years Ago


06-29-2015 Bustos Says Fight Over RFS Levels Not Over

06-29-2015 Urban Air Initiative: Ethanol Reduces Engine Wear

06-25-2015 Testimony by Randy Doyal to the EPA

06-27-2015 Biofuels are Better for Environment, Rural Economy

06-24-2015 UAI: New Data Shows Ethanol-Free Fuel Blends Increase Engine Wear

06-24-2015 Ethanol A Scapegoat For What's Really Wrong

06-17-2015 Ignorance or Ignoring Is Bliss

06-12-2015 USDA Begins Accepting Applications From States For $100 Million Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership

06-11-2015 Proposed RVO Raises Multiple Questions For Illinois Economists

06-10-2015 EPA Opens Public Comment Period On RFS Rulemaking

06-06-2015 Ag Secretary Vilsack Pushes For High Blends Of Ethanol

06-01-2015 Biofuels Under Attack : Same Old Story

06-01-2015 CHS Acquires Patriot Renewable Fuels Ethanol Plant 


05-30-2015 Farmer-Owners Of Corn Plus Ethanol Plant Double Down On Their Investment

05-28-2015 USDA Plans To Inject $100 Million On Ethanol Infrastructure : Sources

05-28-2015 Clinton : Invest In Rural Energy

05-27-2015 New NREL Report : Most Retail Fueling Equipment Is Already E15 Compatible

05-26-2015 EPA Grapples With Competing Rationales For Setting Renewable Fuel Requirements

05-22-2015 Ethanol Industry Weighs In On API E0 Claims

05-18-2015 Waves Of Ethanol Misinformation

05-12-2015 Biofuel Trade Groups Discuss RFS Rulemaking, Announce Ad Campaign

05-12-2015 At The Gas Pump, US Biofuel Lobby Scores A Point Against Big Oil

05-11-2015 Ethanol Industry Looks To Drivers And Exports For Path Out Of A Slump

05-06-2015 EPA Sends Ethanol Proposals For Final Review

05-04-2015 EPA Delays Prompt $13.7 Billion Shortfall In Biofuels Investment : Report


04-27-2015 New Poll : 62% of Americans Support The Renewable Fuel Standard

04-27-2015 American Ethanol Finishes 5 Years With NASCAR

04-23-2015 Grassley, Bipartisan Group Of Senators Call For Renewable Fuel Standard

04-20-2015 Progressive Group Pushes Ethanol On Gulf Oil Spill On Anniversary

04-15-2015 Clinton Meets With Ethanol Representatives

04-13-2015 Motor Club's Blog Post : E15 Is Safe

04-10-2015 EPA To Finalize 2014, 2015 and 2016 RFS Rules By November

04-10-2015 Setting The Table For The Big Score

04-09-2015 Quad County Corn Processors Hits Million-Gallon Cellulosic Milestone

04-07-2015 FAO's Latest Food Price Report Good News For Ethanol

04-05-2015 Study Shows : Big Oil Is Chicken Little Over Ethanol

04-03-2015 Local Business Leaders Share Story Of Ethanol With Legislators


03-27-2015 Economics Models Are One Thing - Reality Is Another

03-25-2015 EPA Request For Biofuel Data Signals Renewable Fuel Delays

03-23- 2015 Should Premium Fuel Still Warrant A Tank?

03-17-2015 Minnesota Bill Aims To Create Cellulosic Biomass Incentives

03-16-2015 NASCAR Tops 7 Million Miles Of Racing On American Ethanol Blend

03-11-2015 Fuels America Responds To Anti-RFS Claims From API, Others

03-11-2015 Biofuels Leaders Defend RFS

03-10-2015 EIA Increases 2015, 2016 Ethanol Production Forecasts

03-07-2015 Jeb Bush Remarks On Ethanol Have Iowans Reading Tea Leaves

03-06-2015 Can We Just Get Rid Of Ethanol Ignorance?

03-06-2015 Fuels America Launches The "Clean, Secure, American Energy" Campaign

03-03-2015 Renewable Fuels Critical to Energy Security

03-03-2015 Ethanol industry and farmers should work together, Poet exec says


02-27-2015 Vilsack calls for ethanol industry support of trade negotiations

02-26-2015 Ethanol plants, growers partner with Syngenta

02-26-2015 #NEC15 Travels Road Ahead for Higher Blends

02-25-2014 RFA Acquires

02-24-2015 E15 is new to most fuel stations, but not to NASCAR

02-23-2015 NREL: Biodiesel Leads Biofuels Growth in US

02-20-2015 UAI, EFC urge recognition of ethanol as a way to reduce carbon

02-19-2015 New Study Reveals Wide-Ranging Economic Impact of Ethanol Production

02-18-2015 Short-Term Pain Long-Term Gain

02-17-2015 E15's Big Dance

02-13-2015 Come March With ACE

02-11-2015 EIA Increases 2015 Ethanol Production Forecast

02-10-2015 EPA Names 10 More Efficient Corn Ethanol Producers

02-09-2015 Kansas Ethanol To Use ICM's Fiber Separation Technology

02-05-2015 Ethanol Expands Global Reach, RFA Releases New 2014 Export / Import Publication

02-04-2015 Ethanol Demand Remains "Robust," Margins "Volatile - Green Plains

02-02-2015 Windy City Weighs Ethanol Ordinance

02-02-2015 Ethanol Industry Gets Its Own Biotech Corn


01-29-2015 A Cursory Update Of A Failed Theory

01-27-2015 Protec Fuel : 2 Stations Now Offering E15 In Georgia

01-27-2015 Ethanol Will Face RFS Threat

01-26-2015 U Of M Researchers Find Materials To Improve Ethanol Production

01-22-2015 Iowa Wants Ethanol Front And Center In 2016 Race

01-22-2015 The Ongoing Attack On Ethanol

01-20-2015 Biofuels Should Be Part Of The Mix : FAO Director-General

01-20-2015 Novozymes Chief Says 2G Ethanol Market Can Endure Oil Price Drop

01-16-2015 RFS Amendment Would Set U.S. Energy Agenda Back Decades

01-13-2015 EIA Predicts Increased Ethanol Production In 2015 and 2016

01-12-2015 Ethanol Plant Brings 85 cent E85 To Minnesota

01-08-2015 Gevo Provides Latest Update On Luverne Plant

01-06-2015 Read The Label!



12-29-2014 US Ethanol Production Runs Full Bore, Sets Record As 2014 Ends

12-23-2014 Minn. Ethanol Plant Sold ; New Use Planned

12-19-2014 Industry Debunks Minn. Report Shedding Bad Light On Corn Ethanol

12-18-2014 Urban Air Initiative Calls University Of Minnesota Study On Ethanol Seriously Flawed

12-17-2014 The RFS Celebrates Seven Years Of Success

12-14-2014 The Evolution Of Minnesota's Ethanol Industry - Part 2

12-13-2014 Biofuel Innovators Look For A Breakout

12-12-2014 The Evolution Of Minnesota's Ethanol Industry

12-10-2014 GRFA : Increased Biofuel Usage Critical To Reducing Global GHG Emissions

12-08-2014 Chicago Finance Committee Passes E15 Ordinance

12-03-2014 Novozymes Launches Enzyme For Biodiesel From Corn, Waste Oils

12-02-2014 Trestle Energy Gets Low Carbon Intensity Rating For Ethanol In BC


11-25-2014 RFA : Feed Food Fairness Campaign Not Big On Transparency

11-24-2014 Ethanol Proponents Anticipating A Fight

11-21-2014 EPA Delays Decision On Biofuel Blending Mandates

11-21-2014 EPA Punts Renewable Fuel Mandate Decision

11-18-2014 Advocates : Minnesota Needs More Alternative Fuel

11-17-2014 Fuel Standard Good For US Economy

11-13-2014 E85 Sales Have Room For Growth

11-12-2014 Ag Groups Advocate For The RFS In Letter To Obama

11-10-2014 Innovation, Improvement In The Corn-Ethanol Industry

11-5-2014 Will Ethanol Ride The GOP Wave?

11-4-2014 Ethanol Coalition : Auto Engineers Expose EPA's Oil Bias

11-4-2014 Archer Daniels Sees Corn-Based Ethanol Business Staying Strong

11-3-2014 Corn Oil Extraction Aid Inventor Gets A 'Pat - (Ent)' On The Back

11-1-2014 Ethanol Advocate Wants To Keep His Issue On The Front Burner


10-30-2014 Ethanol Maker Green Plains Says Rail Transport Not Keeping Up As More Embrace E15

10-27-2014 ICM Announces Agreement With Patriot Renewable Fuels

10-27-2014 Fuels America Debuts Campaign For RFS Supporters Facing Reelection

10-24-2014 EPA : Cellulosic Fuel Production Continues In September

10-22-2014 Dinneen : 'Elections Matter'

10-20-2014 Cellulosic Ethanol Produced With Cellerate Process Technology Receives EPA Certification For Cellulosic Biofuels RINs

10-15-2014 Tips For Biofuel Investment In Turbulent Times

10-13-2014 Biofuel Leaders Says EPA Has Treated Industry Unfairly

10-13-2014 Report Shows Ethanol's Connection To High Food Prices Is A Lie

10-9-2014 Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association Working For You

10-9-2014 U.S. Biofuel Mandate Cuts Would Raise Carbon Pollution : Lawmakers

10-9-2014 Get To Know The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association

10-8-2014 New RFA Case Study : Evidence of E85 Price Gouging?

10-6-2014 Big Year For Ethanol

10-6-2014 Biofuels RFS Jumps Up As A Hot Topic Again

10-1-2014 Minnesota Ethanol Producer Named Chairman Of The Renewable Fuels Association


09-30-2014 Fuel Standard Good For US's Economic Engine

09-25-2014 BIO: EPA Inaction On RFS Proposal Has Increased GHG Emissions

09-23-2014 Impact of Ethanol Mandates On Fuel Prices Nil

09-20-2014 Ethanol Industry Having A Solid Year

09-19-2014 Gevo Provides Update On Luverne, Minnesota, Plant

09-18-2014 Minnoco Expanding To Offer Lower Cost, Better Performing Biofuels Like E15, E30 And E85

09-17-2014 Vilsack Sees Some Proposed Ethanol Cuts Being Restored

09-15-2014 Renewable Fuels Standard Spurred Ethanol Breaththroughs

09-10-2014 Legacy 18 MMgy Minnesota Plant Restarts Ethanol Production

09-09-2014 U.S. Cellulosic Fuel Makers Press Obama To Alter Biofuel Plan

09-09-2014 Second Iowa Plant Adds New Ethanol Technology

09-08-2014 Food Vs Fuel Debunked (Again) -Corn Prices Fall, Retail Food Prices Remain Steady

09-03-2014 POET-DSM's Project Liberty Goes From Fantasy To Liberty


08-27-2014 Iowa Governor Blasts EPA On Ethanol Mandate

08-26-2014 Cenex Tank Program Assists Retailers Offering E15

08-22-2014 EPA's Final 2014 RVO Delivered To The OMB; Industry Reacts

08-22-2014 Ethanol Mandate Goes To White House For Review

08-22-2014 Everything About Ethanol Is Good-Good-Good

08-20-2014 Highwater Ethanol Moving On To Next Phase

08-15-2014 USDA : New Switchgrass Variety Promises More Biofuel At Lower Cost

08-14-2014 What Can You Get For $3.60?

08-14-2014 Study Shows Ethanol Impact On Retail Ag Service Sales

08-12-2014 RFS Announcement May Not Come Until After November Elections

08-12-2014 RFA Making Inroads In Motorcycle Education

08-11-2014 Corn Use For Ethanol Likely To Top 5 Billion Bushels This Year

08-07-2014 US H1 2014 Ethanol Exports Soar 56% : Census Bureau

08-05-2014 ACE Conference Kicks Off With Welcome From Gov. Dayton

08-04-2014 EPA Releases RIN Data


07-31-2014 Biofuel Groups Press White House On More Than Just 2014 Targets

07-28-2014 Side-By-Side Operation Of Luverne Plant On Track

07-28-2014 Senators Push To Maintain RFS

07-25-2014 NASCAR Reaches 6 Million Miles On Sunoco Green E15

07-24-2014 Ethanol Needs Separate Treatment In U.S. Rail Rules - Biofuel Groups

07-22-2014 Klobuchar, Grassley Want Probe Of Ethanol Sales Restrictions

07-22-2014 New Analysis : Ethanol Is Lowest Cost Motor Fuel, Octane Source On The Planet

07-21-2014 Leading The Way In Motorcycle Education

07-17-2014 Higher Blends Best For America's Energy Future

07-16-2014 Big Oil Robs Consumers Of Choice

07-16-2014 E15 Retailers Get Creative

07-15-2014 Cummins : E85-fueled Engine Cuts Medium-Duty CO2 Emissions by 50% to 80%

07-15-2014 What's 1.67 trillion Divided By 53?

07-09-2014 U.S. Senators Press For Probe Of Report That Oil Companies Blocked Ethanol

07-08-2014 RFA Scores Retailers For E85, E15 Offerings ; Big Oil Gets An 'F'

07-08-2014 Ethanol Industry Asks For Relief From Rail Delays


06-27-2014 EPA's Ethanol Mandate For 2014 Behind Schedule

06-27-2014 Response To CBO Study - Renewable Fuel Standard : 2014 And Beyond

06-23-2014 May RIN Data Shows Increased Biofuel Production

06-18-2014 U.S. Ethanol Output Surges To Record As Gasoline Costs Rise

06-12-2014 Government and University Experts Blast EWG Report

06-02-2014 Ag Census Data Shows EWG Is Full Of Hot Air


05-23-2014 Defending Corn Ethanol Around A Picnic Table

05-23-2014 Minn. Funds 5 Biofuel And Bioenergy Projects, Thermal RFP Soon

05-23-2014 U.S. May Adjust 2014 Corn Ethanol Target After Outcry : Sources

05-21-2014 Global Ethanol Consumption To Reduce GHGs By Over 106 Million Tonnes In 2014

05-19-2014 EPA May Revise RFS Proposal Following Feedback From Biofuel And Ag Groups

05-16-2014 IRENA : Renewables Employ 6.5 Million Globally

05-13-2014 Pipeline Will Increase CO2; Ethanol Is A Cleaner Option

05-05-2014 Ten New E15 Stations In Wisconsin

05-01-2014 Minnesota Ag Co-op CHS Agrees To Buy Ethanol Plant In Illinois


04-30-2014 House Democrats Meet With White House On RFS Targets

04-24-2014 Renewable Fuels Contributes $11.7 Billion To Minnesota's Economy

04-24-2014 DENCO II's E85 Campaign Expands (Updated)

04-21-2014 Experts Say Ethanol Study Used Bad Model

04-21-2014 RFA: New Stover Study Is Deeply Flawed

04-16-2014 Ethanol Drops As Production Climbs To Highest Since December

04-15-2014 Iowa Economists : 2014 Ethanol Prices Drop To 58% Of Retail Gas

04-09-2014 New Poll: For 3rd Year In A Row, Americans Overwhelmingly Support The RFS

04-08-2014 Ethanol Proposal Has Stopped Investments in Advanced Biofuels, Industry Tells Senators

04-05-2014 A Brief Lesson On Ethanol And Food Prices

04-03-2014 Oil-Induced Rail Chaos Driving Up Consumer Costs For Gasoline And Other Goods

04-02-2014 Open Letter From RFA And Growth Energy Take On API


03-31-2014 American Ethanol On The NASCAR Green Team

03-27-2014 Ethanol Producer : Outlook Good Despite Challenges

03-19-2014 Congressman Hopeful EPA Will Not Cut RFS By 10 Percent

03-19-2014 RFS Is Single Most Effective Policy On Greenhouse Gas Reductions

03-18-2014 Committee Rejects Biodiesel Mandate Delay

03-18-2014 With New Discharge System, Bushmills Ethanol Expects To Shrink Its Water Usage

03-17-2014 More Responses To Misleading Commentary On Ethanol

03-07-2014 E15 For South Dakota Vehicles

03-07-2014 Minnesota Leads In E85 Stations

03-04-2014 AEC: President's Budget Charts Right Path On Fuels

03-04-2014 EPA Sets E10 As New Test Fuel


02-24-2014 Driving Through The Blend Wall

02-21-2014 Convention Speakers Urge Ethanol Support

02-20-2014 American Ethanol Enhances Partnership With Richard Childress Racing

02-18-2014 New Study Shows Powerful Impact Of Ethanol Industry On Jobs & Energy Independence

02-12-2014 Ethanol's High Octane and Clean Characteristics Key To Future

02-08-2014 Why Are We Producing Biofuels?

02-07-2014 Green Plains CEO : E15 Availability To Grow

02-03-2014 The Truth Behind E15 And Vehicle Warranties


01-24-2014 RFS Kept Gas Prices Down

01-22-2014 Shift In Ethanol Blend Mandate Fuels Fears

01-21-2014 Klobuchar Opposes Move To Reduce Ethanol Targets

01-19-2014 Franken Urges More Letter To EPA, White House

01-19-2014 America Ought To Move Forward On Biofuels

01-14-2014 Ag Tour Designed To Drum Up Support For Fight Of Planned RFS Reductions

01-14-2014 Ethanol Producers Campaign Against Proposed Cut to RFS

01-13-2014 Biofuel Standards Help Small-Town Minn.

01-10-2014 Corn Growers Urge EPA Comments To Keep Ethanol Quotas