Candidates and Biofuels: Gregory Davids Vs Thomas Trehus

  • Friday, 28 September 2018 13:45

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 District 28B is home to one ethanol plant, two companies that work with the industry and five fuel retailers that offer higher blends of ethanol. In this district, incumbent Gregory Davids is up against Thomas Trehus. Here are their answers to our questionnaire:

Gregory M Davids copyGregory Davids (R)

Davids did not respond to our questionnaire. Instead, he sent us the following statement:

I wrote the ethanol law of 2006. I support biofuels. Thanks.

thomastrehuscroppedThomas Trehus (D)

Q. The Minnesota Petroleum Replacement Promotion law calls for the consumption of at least 30 percent biofuels in transportation fuel by 2025, which would in turn reduce our dependence on imported oil and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Do you support the Minnesota Petroleum Replacement Promotion law?

A. Yes.

Q. At present, E15 cannot be sold in the summer months since Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) regulations have not kept pace with the addition of E15 into the fuel market. Although this is a federal regulation, there may be actions that can be taken at the state level. Will you support an initiative to fix this problem at the state level?

A. Yes.

Q. One of the challenges to making greater amounts of biofuels available to customers so as to fulfill the Minnesota Petroleum Replacement Promotion law is having the proper retail fuel storage and dispensing equipment. Will you support renewing funding to help fuel retailers upgrade their fuel storage and dispensing systems to offer customers E15 and higher ethanol blends?

A. Yes.

Q. Minnesota's ethanol producers are eager to install combined heat and power and expander generators to reduce their energy usage inputs and greenhouse gas emissions. To jump start the use of these systems (which would also boost economic activity in rural Minnesota), a modest tax incentive would be necessary. Would you support this tax incentive?

A. Yes.

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