Protec Fuel : 2 Stations Now Offering E15 in Georgia

Ethanol Producer Magazine

Jan 27, 2015

By Erin Voegele

Protec Fuel has announced two convenience stores in the Atlanta metro area are now offering E15, including a Mountain Express-Quick Stop Food Store in Marietta, Georgia, and the Mountain Express-Food Mart in Greensboro, Georgia. The stations will also sell E85 and B20. According to Protec Fuel, eight more stations near the metro area are set to offer the fuel soon.


The new E15 locations are part of Protec Fuel’s recently announced E15 rollout. In September, the company announced plans to open 28 stations offering E15 and E85 in the South and Southeast regions of the country. Protec has already opened three E15 locations in Florida. In December, the company announced that fuel stations in Sarasota, Florida, and Lake Wales, Florida, had begun to offer the ethanol blend. Earlier this month, a third Florida E15 location opened in North Miami.


According to the Renewable Fuels Association, E15 is now available at fuel stations in 16 states. In addition to the new locations in Georgia and Florida, the ethanol blend is also available in Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Arkansas.


We are thrilled to see E15 continue to expand on America’s eastern seaboard,” said Bob Dinneen, president and CEO of the RFA. “E15’s expansion continues — reaching 16 states today — despite the misinformation being spread by Big Oil and its friends. It’s clear that gas stations in many states are embracing the true facts about E15 and ignoring Big Oil’s smoke and mirrors. We expect additional stations in more states to follow Georgia’s example and offer drivers low-cost, environmentally-friendly E15. Today is a great day for Georgia consumers.”


Growth Energy has also spoken out to congratulate Protec Fuel and Mountain Express on the new E15 locations. “Protec’s continual march to find new locations to offer E15 is to be commended and shows they are a leader in providing sustainable, homegrown fuel options to their consumers,” said Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy. “Clearly there is a strong demand for E15, as we continue to see new retailers offer it. One thing is clear – when consumers are given the choice, they will choose the higher performing, less expensive fuel that is better for their engines and our environment – one that creates jobs in America and reduces our dangerous dependence on foreign oil.”


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