New Nationwide Poll: Voters Want E15 Available Year-Round

  • Tuesday, 28 March 2023 10:00

Renewable Fuels Association

Mar 28, 2023

As the Biden administration and Congress consider taking action to allow continued sales of lower-cost E15 this summer, a new poll shows overwhelming support among voters for ensuring the popular fuel blend remains available year-round and nationwide.

With retail gas prices remaining elevated, 70 percent of poll respondents support increasing the availability of E15 to help lower fuel prices and support energy independence. Just 13 percent of those surveyed did not support expanded availability of E15.  Meanwhile, 62 percent support  recently introduced bipartisan legislation  that would allow the lower-carbon E15 blend to be sold year-round nationwide. Only 15 percent of respondents do not support the legislation, while 23 percent had no opinion.  Morning Consult polled 1,978 registered voters March 20-23, across all demographics, for the Renewable Fuels Association.  Click here for the topline data.

“We are pleased to see these new poll results, but not surprised,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. “They match what we observe every day; drivers continue to embrace an American-made fuel that is more affordable and lower in carbon emissions. Simply put, consumers want greater access to E15. Last summer, E15 sold for 20 to 30 cents per gallon less than regular gasoline, on average, saving American families three to five dollars every time they filled up. Those savings will disappear on June 1 unless our leaders in Washington take action.  They need to act quickly to ensure that lower-cost E15 is available at the pump throughout the summer driving season.”

Additional results:

  • Ethanol favorability and support for the Renewable Fuel Standard have reached record highs; 69 percent of respondents have a favorable opinion of ethanol, while 66 percent support the RFS. These are the highest numbers since RFA kicked off baseline polling in June 2016.
  • The  Next Generation Fuels Act,  which would establish a high-octane, low-carbon fuel standard, is supported by 64 percent of respondents, an increase of four percentage points from December.
  • 69 percent of respondents believe it is important for the U.S. government to promote the production and sale of flex-fuel vehicles in the United States.
  • Voters strongly oppose government mandates related to their vehicle purchase options. Banning the sale of new liquid-fueled vehicles with internal combustion engines is opposed by 61 percent of respondents, while mandating that buyers purchase electric vehicles is opposed by 63 percent.

An  October 2022 analysis  found that allowing E15 sales in the summer of 2022 saved American drivers nearly $60 million. For more information on E15, check out RFA’s  updated fact sheet.  

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