DriveClean Initiative Launches, Advocates for National CFS

  • Tuesday, 20 September 2022 09:37

Ethanol Producer Magazine

Sep 19, 2022

A diverse group of clean fuel stakeholders, including several biofuel producers, on Sept. 19 launched the DriveClean initiative, which is urging lawmakers to create a market-based technology-neutral national Clean Fuel Standard during the 118thCongress that convenes in January.

Supporters of the initiative include Alliance For Clean Energy New York; Advanced Engine Systems Institute; Alto Ingredients; American Coalition for Ethanol; Alder Fuels; Alliance of Automotive Innovation; bp pulse; Calgren Renewable Fuels; Calstart; ChargePoint; Christianson CPAs & Consultants; ClearFlame Engine Technologies; CleanFuture; CleanFuelsNY Coalition; Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas; Electrify America; e-Mission Control; Great Plains Institute; Green Energy Technology; Lion Electric; Low-Carbon Fuels Coalition; Fulcrum Bioenergy; MECA; New York League of Conservation Voters; Paired Power; POET; Propel; Rivian; Renewable Fuels Association and World Energy. 

“When you see support for a CFS coming from diverse players like environmental groups, electric vehicle supply chain companies and renewable fuel advocates, it’s notable,” said Chris Miller, a former senior policy adviser in the Senate on energy and environmental matters who is now providing strategic counsel to the group. 

As part of its advocacy efforts, the CleanDrive initiative has unveiled a website,  The group has also published a statement of principles aimed at lawmakers. Among these principles is a call to create a national CFS that complements existing state programs. The group is also urging lawmakers to ensure a future national CFS is technology and fuel neutral by using a life-cycle emissions performance-based approach that will promote innovation and investment across all potential clean fuel types, including electricity, hydrogen, biofuels and others. In addition, CleanDrive encourages lawmakers to focus on growing the low-carbon fuels market, provide long-term market signals, and ensure the use of the best possible science in terms of lifecycle analysis, verification and reporting.

“There are few tools that have proven more effective than Clean Fuel Standards for driving rapid decarbonization, as has been seen in states like California,” said BJ Johnson, co-founder and CEO at ClearFlame Engine Technologies. They are performance-based, technology-agnostic, and fuel-neutral, the perfect combination for unlocking the private sector to invest, innovate and drive down carbon emissions.”

“The biofuels industry applauds the efforts of the DriveClean initiative, which build on the many successes of the federal Renewable Fuels Standard while leveling the playing field for additional home-grown fuels and technology,” said Geoff Cooper, president and CEO of the RFA. “Biofuels will continue to thrive under a technology-neutral Clean Fuel Standard, delivering real emissions reductions, cleaner air and water, job creation and boosting national security. Our members are ready to help push Clean Fuel Standard legislation across the finish line and put the U.S. on an achievable path to meeting near- and long-term decarbonization goals.”

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