Plant Maintenance & Safety Summit Dec 16 - 17 (Virtual Event)

  • Thursday, 10 December 2020 15:03

Featuring real-life, field-based presentations, the Plant Maintenance & Safety Summit is geared towards biofuels industry professionals focused on production efficiency, plant optimization, process control, advanced maintenance, compliance, quality control, safety and other areas of facility operations. This event will particularly appeal to plant managers, operations managers, process engineers, maintenance managers, operators and other personnel seeking the latest facility maintenance solutions.

This event provides the opportunity to meet face-to-face via live private video meetings with industry experts who will offer new technology and solutions to making plants and facilities safely operate at peak capacity and optimum efficiency.

What to Expect, Virtually Speaking

General Session: Hear the latest on industry policy from the industry’s leaders.

25 Speakers: Watch live and get content from companies and people who are shaping the biofuels world. Hear about the latest techniques, research and products helping producers become more efficient and profitable.

Presentations OnDemand: All sessions will be recorded and will be available for attendees for 30 days, so you can go back and view presentations you may have missed.

Virtual Program Guide: As an attendee, you’ll gain access to the digital program guide, containing writeups about the sponsors, exhibitors and speakers.

Ask Questions, Get Answers: You’ll have access to network with the speakers, once they are finished. You’ll be able to ask questions and get answers real-time.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Chat with Exhibitors: Exhibitors will have someone online at their virtual booth at all times. There will be live chat rooms available to network with exhibitors.

Live Zoom Meetings: In addition to live chat rooms, as an attendee, you’ll have the ability to have live Zoom meetings with exhibitors and sponsors.

Private Meetings: You will have the ability to hold private meetings with exhibitors and sponsors.

Play Virtual Bingo and Win prizes. Attendees will have a chance to meet with exhibitors, complete their bingo card and enter to qualify into the Virtual Bingo game for a chance to prizes.

Whitepapers and Brochures: Download whitepapers, brochures and videos posted by each exhibitor.

Producer Giveaways: All producers will have the ability to win cash prizes each day and gain “Network Nickels.”

Networking Rooms

Private Meetings with Sponsors: Attendees can be personally invited to join private networking rooms to chat with specific attendees and VIP invites only.

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