Rep. Peterson Supports Year-Round E15 Proposal

  • Friday, 12 October 2018 09:19

Minnesota's Rep. Collin Peterson, who is House Agriculture Ranking Member and Congressional Biofuels Caucus Co-Chair, has welcomed the Trump Administration's proposal to begin a rulemaking process to allow year-round sales of E15.

In a statement earlier this week following the administration's announcement, Peterson said: "It's about time. I've been a consistent advocate for year-round sales of E15, and I'm glad to see a step in the right direction. However, today's action will likely get tied up in the courts, so passing legislation remains the most reliable avenue to finally getting this done."

He elaborated that the proposal to allow year-round sales of E15 would likely be challenged in court by the oil industry. As such, he said he was hopeful there will be movement on E15 legislation that has already been introduced in Congress.

"Year-round sales of E15 will provide a needed boost to the ethanol industry, and give corn farmers access to a broader segment of the domestic fuels market at a time when they are struggling with depressed commodity prices, adverse weather conditions, and an ongoing trade war. I'm also encouraged by the Administration's efforts to bring more transparency to the Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) market within the RFS. Clarity on both issues will help to provide more security for farmers and industry moving ahead," Peterson said.