An Open Letter To President Trump

  • Monday, 09 April 2018 11:11

We need your help, Mr. President.

Out on the campaign trail you stated: "Ethanol is terrific, especially with the new process. And I am totally in favor of ethanol 100 percent and I will support it." 

To be totally in favor of ethanol 100 percent and to support ethanol (and by extension, the more than 18,800 people supported by the industry in Minnesota and the $2.2 billion to state GDP, $1.5 billion in household income and $7.1 billion in sales receipts), we respectfully request that you direct your EPA to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

Administrator Scott Pruitt is working against you and undermining your support for ethanol. Look no further than the secret EPA waivers which have been granted to oil refineries.  We are still trying to determine how many waivers have been granted or are in process of being granted and to which refineries they were granted but these waivers are chopping away at the very foundation of the RFS. 

Mr. President, help build up the RFS and reject the oil industry's proposal to cap RINs at 10 cents. That proposal is solely aimed at reducing ethanol usage and undermining the RFS.  

All the farmers, all the ethanol producers, all the men and women who are part of the ethanol industry in Minnesota are not looking for a special favor. They simply want, and expect, your EPA to comply with and enforce the law. Void those waivers, call for compliance with the RFS as the law is written, enforce the RFS and then you will be demonstrating substantive, meaningful support for ethanol and all the men and women who are part of the biofuel industry.


The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association