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Kwik Trip: The New E15 Leader

  • Tuesday, 25 April 2017 09:45

With 62 stores now offering E15, Kwik Trip has become the new E15 leader in Minnesota.

Beginning in March, the company started to phase out its 89 octane midgrade fuel, replacing it with the 88 octane, E15. Kwik trip is offering the fuel as Unleaded 88 with the E15 stickers visible near the pump handle. Most of its stations are selling the unleaded 88 at a 5 cent discount to the regular 87 octane unleaded.

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New Dispenser for Kwik Trip at Norwood Young America featuring Unleaded 88

Minnesota currently has 138 E15 stations in the state with Kwik Trip making up 45 percent of available stations.

At this time in 2016, Minnesota only had 33 E15 stations, jumping 418 percent in a year timeframe.

And E15 sales are only continuing to grow, sales in February closed at 855,593 gallons, a new record and 3.38 percent higher than the 827,613 gallons recorded in January. Cumulatively, E15 sales in the first two months of 2017 totaled 1.68 million gallons, nearly a third of the total volume sold in 2016.

Kwik Trip is not the only major retailer that has started offering E15. SuperAmerica, Cenex, Holiday, Little Dukes and HyVee are all offering the 88 octane E15 fuel at a discount to regular 87 unleaded at certain station locations within the state. With stations popping up in Apple Valley, White Bear Lake, Montevideo, Rochester and Mankato to name a few.

If all eligible cars in Minnesota were to fuel up with E15 versus the regular 87 unleaded fuel, CO2e savings in the state would total 358,000 metric tons annually, the equivalent of eliminating 75,368 passenger vehicles from Minnesota’s roads annually.

Click here to find the nearest available E15 station to you.

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Kwik Trip at Norwood Young America featuring new Unleaded 88