E15 Infrastructure Bill Gets Support From Legislators

  • Wednesday, 05 April 2017 15:47

An infrastructure bill that would increase access to E15 in Minnesota has received the support from some key legislators. 


Picture Caption : Sen. Bill Weber briefs Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association's board of directors on the E15 Infrastructure Bill. 

The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association's executive director, Tim Rudnicki, and board of directors met with Sen. Bill Weber, Sen. Torrey Westrom and Rep. Paul Anderson who voiced their support for the bill. 

The infrastructure bill aims to invest in E15 infrastructure in Minnesota which in turn would increase the number of stations offering E15. At present, the bill (HF1257 and SF1277) calls for the investment of a one-time funding of $12.5 million to fuel retailers and wholesalers to install the necessary equipment to store or dispense E15. 

It is estimated that a funding of $12.5 million would enable an average of 150 stations to offer E15. This, according to an analysis by ABF Economics, would contribute $35.9 million to Minnesota's GDP, support 276 full-time jobs, generate $25.5 million in household income and pay $1.4 million in state and local taxes.

However, as the debates over the use of funds from the state's budget surplus continue, Weber, Westrom and Anderson noted that the final amount allocated by Minnesota's legislature may be lower than the $12.5 million stated in the bill. Nonetheless, they reiterated that there was support for increasing access to E15 and boosting Minnesota's economy and providing consumers with a choice at the pump.


Picture Caption : Rep. Paul Anderson noted the importance of increasing access to E15 in Minnesota. 


Picture Caption : Sen. Torrey Westrom spoke on the importance of Minnesota-grown ethanol to the state's economy