E15 Infrastructure Bill Would Add $35.9 million To MN's GDP

  • Monday, 27 March 2017 14:34

An infrastructure bill in the Minnesota House and Senate that calls for expanding access to E15 would contribute $35.9 million to the state's GDP, according to an analysis by ABF Economics.

House File 1257 and Senate File 1277 seeks to provide a one-time funding of $12.5 million to fuel retailers and fuel wholesalers to to install equipment necessary to store or dispense E15. This funding would enable an estimated average of 150 retail stations to offer E15.

This investment, ABF Economics said, would translate to a $35.9 million contribution to Minnesota's GDP. It would also support 276 full-time jobs, generate $25.5 million in household income and pay $1.4 million in state and local taxes. 

In 2016, the ethanol industry contributed $1.98 billion to Minnesota's GDP, supported 17,954 jobs, generated $1.47 billion in household income and paid $79.7 million in state and local taxes. With this infrastructure bill, the annual contribution from the ethanol industry to Minnesota would be $2.02 billion in GDP, 18,230 jobs, $1.5 billion in household income and $81.1 million in state and local taxes.

GDP (Mil $)Employment (Full-Time Jobs)Household Income (Mil $)State and Local Taxes (Mil $)
Current Levels$1,984.217,954$1,475.7$79.7
Impact of $12.5 million new infrastructure$35.9276$25.5$1.4
New levels with $12.5 million new infrastructure$2,020.118,230$1,501.2$81.1

Expanding the number of stations offering E15 by 150 could potentially increase annual E15 usage in Minnesota between 120 million gallons and 150 million gallons. This in turn would help the state meet it's target of increasing biofuels in transportation fuel.

According to Minn. Stat 239.7911, biofuels should comprise 25 percent in transportation fuel by 2020. As of 2015, biofuels comprised 12.47 percent of transportation fuel in Minnesota. Increasing access and usage of E15 would certainly help us meet the goals set in Minn. State 239.7911.

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