CANDIDATES & BIOFUELS : Tim Walz, Angie Craig

  • Monday, 31 October 2016 14:11

TIm Walz Angie Craig

As we enter the final week before the election on Nov 8, we look at where the candidates running for Minnesota's congressional seats stand on biofuels. Like our previous entries in the series, all the candidates were sent a questionnaire but the ones we'll be featuring are the ones who took some time to respond to our queries.   

Candidates & Biofuels


Walz did not answer the questions we sent in our questionnaire. Instead, he sent us the following statement:

"I strongly support Minnesota's renewable energy industry as a key part of southern Minnesota's future. Biofuels, wind, and solar are key components of the clean energy economy that offers tremendous opportunity to our region and our nation. Through innovative approaches and investment in Minnesota-based energy, we can create good-paying jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign energy and increase our national security, and preserve our environment."


- Would choose E10 over non-oxygenated fuel.

- Would choose E15 over E10. 

- Would oppose measures to scrap the RFS. 

- Would oppose measures to scrap Minnesota's Petroleum Displacement Law. 

- Would support a standalone bill to fixing the RVP problem so that E15 can be sold during the summer months. She would also support actions to call the EPA to take administrative action to bring RVP parity to E15 including measures requiring gasoline blendstocks with a lower RVP to be used thus eliminating the need for a waiver for both E10 and E15.

- Would support measures to fund fueling infrastucture to expand the availability of E85.

- Would support a bill to fund only retrofits to fuel dispensers to increase the availability of E15 to E25.

- Would support accelerating the permitting process for the installation of equipment to improve ethanol production and reduce emissions.