MN E15 Sales In 2016 Surpasses Volume In 2015

  • Thursday, 06 October 2016 10:28

E15 sales in Minnesota as of Aug 31, 2016 totaled 3.22 million gallons, surpassing the 3.09 million sold for the whole of 2015.


In a report from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, E15 sales in August totaled 237,593 gallons, 7 percent higher than the volume recorded in July (220,819 gallons).

It was also 64 percent higher than the volume recorded in August 2015 (144,650 gallons).

The 237,593 gallons sold in August was still significantly lower than the average of 500,000 gallons a month that was recorded prior to the RVP season (June 1 - Sept 15) which bars the sale of E15 to non-flex-fuel vehicles. You can read more here.

Sales of E20 also grew in August to 16,000 gallons from 11,323 gallons in July while E30 sales were flat at 39,667 gallons compared to 39,719 gallons in the preceeding month. 

Meanwhile, using data from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, the Commerce Department said E85 sales increased to 1.1 million gallons in August compared to 1.09 million gallons the months before. One reason for the slight increase in E85 sales may have been the larger price differential between E85 and regular unleaded in August (57 cents). In July, the average price differential was 50 cents.