519k Gallons Of E15 Sold In Feb

  • Friday, 08 April 2016 12:55

E15 sales in Minnesota totaled 519,598 gallons in February, the second highest volume ever recorded in the state. 

According to data from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, E15 sales in February was 3.5 percent higher than the volume recorded in January of 502,042 gallons.

Furthermore, it is the fourth straight month where E15 sales in Minnesota have breached the 500,000 gallons mark. Cumulatively, E15 sales in January and February totaled 1.02 million gallons, a third of the total sold in 2015 (3.09 million gallons).

E30 sales marginally grew in February with 31,462 gallons recorded compared 31,352 gallons in January. In total, sales of mid-blends (E15, E20, E30, E40 and E50) totaled 904,621 gallons. In January, sales of mid-blends totaled 866,483 gallons.

Meanwhile, using data from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, the Department of Commerce reported E85 sales dropped 6 percent to 793,816 gallons in February compared to the 847,745 gallons recorded in January.

While E85 sales have been under pressure as the price differential between E85 and regular unleaded has shrunk in recent months, the drop in sales in February could be attributed to the lower number of days in February. 

Spread over 29 days, the daily volume of E85 sold in February was 27,372 gallons, higher than January's daily volume of 27,346 gallons. 

It is also worth noting that in February, E85 was on average 25 cents cheaper than regular unleaded. In January, the price differential was 33 cents. 

In fact, E85 sales in February 2016 was higher than the volume in February 2015 (737,521 gallons). In February 2015, E85 was on average priced 46 cents lower than regular unleaded.

The higher volume of E85 recorded this year may be an indication that the demand for E85 is less susceptible to the lower price spread than it was a year ago.   

Tobasi 1

Pic caption : On Feb 23, the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association and KS95 FM rewarded drivers who switched to E15 at St Paul's Tobasi Stop Minnoco.