E85 Usage In July Highest In 21 Months

  • Wednesday, 02 September 2015 00:00

The total volume of E85 sold in Minnesota in July clocked in at 1.4 million gallons, the highest volume of E85 sold in the state in 21 months.

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According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce's latest E85 Fuel Use report, the volume of E85 consumed in the state in July was 12 percent higher than the previous month (1.25 million gallons)

July's volume was also 18 percent higher than the volume recorded in July 2014 (1.19 million gallons).

The volume recorded in July is the first time E85 usage has crossed 1.4 milion gallons since October 2013.

The average price of E85 in the state in July was $2.02 a gallon, 67 cents less than the average price of regular unleaded gasoline. In June, E85 averaged 62 cents less than regular unleaded gasoline. 

Meanwhile, E15 sales in July was 151,439 gallons bringing the total volume of E15 sold this year to 1.18 million gallons.