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Peterson Co-Signs RFS Waiver Letter to Trump

  • Thursday, 26 April 2018 10:31


April 20, 2018

By Julie Harker

The ranking members of the House Ag and House Energy committees are asking President Trump to ensure no more RFS waivers are granted until transparency and accountability of the waiver program is improved.

Congressmen Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Frank Pallone of New Jersey say in their letter to Trump they are deeply concerned that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is granting waivers to large oil refiners which is not the intent of the Renewable Fuels Standard program.

Peterson and Pallone say misuse of the exemption to reduce renewable fuels volumes “undermines the goal of the RFS, creates uncertainty and economic hardship in the ag community, and gives unfair advantage” to certain facilities in the refining sector.

They say Pruitt testified at his confirmation hearing that the waiver authority should be used judiciously in the way Congress intended.

Read the full letter here.

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