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Iowa Produces Record 4.2 Billion Gallons of Ethanol in 2017

  • Thursday, 28 December 2017 10:03

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association

December 28, 2017

Press Release

JOHNSTON, IA – Iowa’s 43 ethanol plants had another record breaking year, producing 4.2 billion gallons in 2017. The slight uptick in production from 4.1 billion gallons in 2016 is largely due to several plant expansions and increased demand of exports and higher blends like E15.

“Iowa continues to lead the country and the world in ethanol production and efficiency,” said Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) Executive Director Monte Shaw. “Several plant expansions just finished or will finish during the 1st quarter of 2018, so production could jump again next year. That makes expanding export markets abroad and breaking down unnecessary barriers to E15 here at home top priorities.”

IRFA’s top state policy priority for 2018 is securing funding for the Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program (RFIP) to ensure more retailers have the equipment necessary to offer higher blends of ethanol now and in the future. However, coupled with RFIP funding, action at the federal level would create the best environment for retailers to move forward with E15.

“The EPA needs to provide the same regulatory treatment for E15 as all other ethanol blends,” added Shaw.  “That step alone would draw many more retailers into offering the option of E15 to their customers. Also, as the world’s cheapest source of fuel octane, we’ll be working to continue to build on the record exports of 2017.”

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association represents the state’s liquid renewable fuels industry and works to foster its growth. Iowa is the nation’s leader in renewable fuels production with 43 ethanol refineries capable of producing 4 billion gallons annually – including nearly 55 million gallons of annual cellulosic ethanol production capacity – and 12 biodiesel facilities with the capacity to produce over 380 million gallons annually. For more information, visit the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association website at: www.IowaRFA.org.