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Canada Unseats Brazil as Top Ethanol Export Destination in June

  • Wednesday, 09 August 2017 09:27

Renewable Fuels Association

August 4, 2017

By Ann Lewis

U.S. ethanol exports totaled 92.7 million gallons (mg) in June, down 22% from May shipments, according to government data released this morning and analyzed by the Renewable fuels Association (RFA). Canada and Brazil were again the top destinations for U.S. exports, combining to receive nearly half of total exports in June, although volumes to both destinations fell sharply from May. Canada took in 24.8 mg in June (down 21% from May), while Brazil imported 20.9 mg (down 68%). Meanwhile, India jumped back into the market for the first time since March, importing 13.6 mg. U.S. ethanol exports to all destinations for the first half of the year stood at 686.8 mg, indicating a record annualized export total of 1.37 billion gallons.

Exports to Brazil hit their lowest point in nine months, equivalent to just 40% of the year-to-date average of 51.0 mg. Still, shipments to Brazil for the first half of the year (276.1 mg) are roughly on par with volumes shipped in the entirety of 2016 (279.1 mg).

Exports of undenatured fuel ethanol hit 44.2 mg in June, down 46% from May. At 17.7 mg, Brazil was the top customer for undenatured fuel product (40% of the total). Jamaica (6.8 mg) and Singapore (4.5 mg) increased their undenatured imports, while India (3.8 mg) and South Korea (3.8 mg) rounded out the top five markets. After averaging 6.2 mg of imports per month over the past 12 months, the Philippines scaled down volumes to just 0.5 mg in June.

Canada was again the top destination for denatured fuel ethanol, taking in 23.9 mg, or 58% of the total. India (9.8 mg), Brazil (3.2 mg), and South Korea (2.1 mg) accounted for the bulk of remaining exports.

Exports of denatured and undenatured ethanol for non-fuel, non-beverage purposes totaled 7.5 mg, with Nigeria (4.1 mg), South Korea (1.9 mg), and Canada (0.9 mg) accounting for the lion’s share (92%).

For the second month this year, the United States recorded fuel ethanol imports. The U.S. brought in 10.6 mg of fuel ethanol in June from Brazil, an 11% increase from May. Imports for the first half of 2017 totaled 20.2 mg–63% (7.8 mg) higher than the same period last year and indicating an annualized total of 40.4 mg.

Turning to distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS)–the animal feed co-product manufactured by ethanol dry mills–exports increased 20% to 889,114 metric tons (mt) in June. Mexico continued to hold the top spot at 175,433 mt, increasing 30% from the prior month, while South Korea more than doubled its imports of U.S. product to 123,179 mt. Turkey (99,644 mt), Canada (67,756 mt), and Thailand (55,941 mt) were other large markets. Export sales for the first half of 2017 are 5.54 million mt–4% above volumes at this point last year and indicating an annualized total of 11.08 million.

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