Fuel Option That Reduces Emissions Already Exists

Brownfield Ag News

April 4, 2016

By Mark Dorenkamp

A renewable fuels industry leader says Minnesota legislators exploring ways to reduce emissions already have a viable option for fueling vehicles.

A proposal introduced last week by Representative Pat Garofalo would provide rebates of up to $2,500 dollars for those who buy or lease a new electric or plug-in hybrid car.

Minnesota Biofuels Association executive director Tim Rudnicki tells Brownfield if lawmakers are serious about reducing emissions from the transportation sector, why not focus instead on internal combustion engines driven by the majority of travelers.

“What’s a possible option right here, right now?  I don’t want to say things are always simple and easy, but in this case the beginning step is simple and easy.  It’s called E15.  That’s 15 percent ethanol blended with 85 percent petroleum gasoline.”

Rudnicki says any incentive to reduce emissions is welcome, but questions offering financial assistance for electric vehicles when there’s currently not enough supply to meet demand.

“It would seem to us that if orders are already placed and folks are standing in line, those individuals probably don’t need any type of incentive.  So the market will work in that case, and it apparently is.”

He suggests that if further investments are made to bring renewable fuels to more Minnesotans, it would make a dramatic difference.

“If all the regular gasoline in Minnesota were E15–five percent more ethanol than is currently in the fuel today–there’s the potential to knock another 368,000 tons of CO2 out of the transportation sector.”

Rudnicki says that’s the equivalent of removing 77,000 vehicles from Minnesota highways, and lawmakers should consider building on the success ethanol is already having if the goal truly is to tackle greenhouse gas issues.

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