E85 Sales Continue to Grow ; E15 Reaches New High

  • Tuesday, 23 September 2014 00:00

Sales of E85 in Minnesota during the first seven months of the year grew 15 percent to 7.2 million gallons compared to 6.23 million gallons over the same period in 2013.

Using data from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, the state's Department of Commerce reported that E85 sales in July totaled 1.19 million gallons, the fourth straight month this year where E85 sales have been over the million-gallon mark. 

In addition, one station in July recorded a sales volume of 27,238 gallons of E85, a new high for the year. For comparitive purposes, the average volume sold by all stations during the month was 5,615 gallons. The average price of E85 in July was $2.75, which represented a 70 cent discount to 87 unleaded gasoline.

But it wasn't just a good month for E85. Other blends of ethanol recorded new all-time highs.

Sales of E15 in July totaled 20,255 gallons, the Department of Commerce reported, bringing the total E15 sales during the first seven months of the year to 92,673 gallons, more than double its total for the whole of 2013.

E20 and E30 sales in July were also the highest recorded thus far this year at 21,321 gallons and 26,791 gallons respectively. Cumulative sales for E20 and E30 were 125,843 gallons and 143,951 gallons respectively.