7.65 Million Gallons of E15 Sold In July

  • Monday, 13 September 2021 14:06

E15 sales in July was the second highest volume recorded in Minnesota this year, according to data from the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

In addition, the department updated the volume of E15 sold in both May and June to 7.11 million gallons and 7.69 million gallons respectively. It had previously reported 6.79 million gallons for May and 6.85 million gallons for June.

As a result, for the first time ever, E15 sales in Minnesota exceeded 7 million gallons for three consecutive months. 

Moreover, June's sales of 7.69 million gallons is the highest ever sold in Minnesota. The previous record was 7.17 million gallons in October 2019. This also means that the 7.65 million gallons sold in July is the second highest volume ever recorded in Minnesota. 

While the volume sold in July was slightly lower than June, it should be noted that there were fewer stations reporting their sales in July (247 stations) than June (261 stations).

With 247 stations reporting, the average volume of E15 sold per station in July was 30,982 gallons - another new record - compared to 29,486 gallons in June. 

In total, 47.49 million gallons of E15 have been sold in Minnesota over the first seven months of the year. In 2020, a total of 74.39 million gallons of E15 was sold.