E15 Sales Hit 3.74 Million Gallons In November

  • Friday, 19 January 2018 12:51

E15 sales in Minnesota hit another milestone in November 2017.

In a report from the Minnesota Department of Commerce today, E15 sales in November last year hit an all-time high of 3.74 million gallons, breaking the previous record of 3.19 million gallons recorded the previous month. 

The volume increase in November from October was in tandem with an increase in the number of stations offerin E15 in Minnesota, according to the Commerce Department's report. In November, there were 250 stations offering E15 compared to 229 the previous month. 

The volume in November was also over five times the volume sold in November 2016 (742,253 gallons).

On a cumulative basis, E15 sales in Minnesota in 2017 over an 11-month period was 14.45 million gallons, more than double the amont sold for the whole of 2016 (5.68 million gallons). 

It also indicates E15 sales in 2017 would have exceeded E85 sales for the first time as E85 sales over the 11-month period totaled 13.47 million gallons.

Still, it's worth noting that the E85 volume during that period surpassed the volume of E85 sold for the whole of 2017 (12.58 million gallons).  

The E85 volume for November was 1.37 million gallons, slightly lower than the volume achieved the previous month (1.39 million gallons).

E30 sales in November also dipped to 48,676 gallons from 58,810 gallons in October. On a cumulative basis, E30 sales totaled 578,314 gallons, 17 percent higher than the volume sold for the whole of 2016 (494,688 gallons).