What Do You Get When You Fuel Up With E15?

Yes, what do you really get when you fuel up with E15? Savings at the pump? Higher octane?

Yes to both.

E15 is on average 10 cents cheaper per gallon than regular unleaded and has an octane rating of 88. Fewer carbon emissions? Yes again. Ethanol on average produces on average 44 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline. 

But do you know the economic activity you stimulate every time you fuel up with E15?

Let's start at the very begining. Every gallon of E15 sold in Minnesota is produced from corn grown right here in our state. That corn is supplied to local ethanol producers who in turn ship ethanol out to fuel terminals. Those gallons of ethanol are then moved on to wholesalers who distribute it to gas stations across the state.

Those aren't the only economic touchpoints that come with every gallon of E15 sold.

At the farm level, growing corn has a positive impact on farm-equipment suppliers. To produce ethanol, plants require services and supplies from, to name a few, engineering firms, equipment manufacturers, enzyme and antibiotic suppliers, water solution providers to accounting and financial firms. Fuel terminals and wholesalers require specific infrastructure support as well.  

As illustrated above, every gallon of E15 sold stimulates plenty of economic activity and supports jobs across a wide spectrum right here in Minnesota. The more gallons of E15 sold, the better for Minnesota's economy.

So to answer the question posed at the beginning of this blog post, the next time you fuel up with E15, you get to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, stimulate and support jobs across a wide spectrum in Minnesota, use a higher octane fuel that's better for your car and save at the pump. 

Now isn't that a great deal?