E15 Sales Hit New Record In Oct

  • Wednesday, 09 December 2015 00:00

E15 sales in Minnesota reached a new high in October at 472,172 gallons, 91 percent higher than the amount sold in September this year.

Hennens Minnoco edited

According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, E15 sales in October of 472,172 gallons was the highest ever recorded in Minnesota. The previous high was recorded in September this year at 246,951 gallons.

E15 sales have rapidly increased this year with more stations selling E15 with 36 retailers offering the new regular in Minnesota. Around the same time last year, there were only 12 stations offering E15 in the state. For comparitive purposes, E15 sales in October 2014 was only 24,343 gallons.

The tremendous increase in volume this year can also be attributed to aggressive advertising campaigns by organizations like the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association that have educated consumers on the benefits of using E15. 

On a 10-month basis, E15 sales this year have totaled 2.04 million gallons, nearly eight times the amount sold for the whole of 2014.

As for E85, the Commerce Department, using data from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, said sales were slightly lower in October at 1.22 million gallons compared to September (1.28 million gallons). The lower amount of E85 sold could be attributed to the smaller price differential between E85 and regular unleaded that month (47 cents). On a 10-month basis, E85 sales totaled 11.09 million gallons.   

E30 sales also reached a new a high in October with 44,321 gallons sold, bringing the total sold for the year as at end-October to 367,152 gallons.