Minnesota To Receive $8M From USDA For 165 Stations

  • Wednesday, 28 October 2015 00:00

Minnesota has been awarded an $8 million grant from the USDA to install or retrofit 620 flex fuel pumps in 165 stations in the state. 

In a statement today, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) said the grant would be matched by funding from the agency as well as contributions from a coalition that includes the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association, Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council, the American Lung Association in Minnesota, ethanol plants and participating service stations in Minnesota.

In total, there will be $16 million of funds to install or retrofit 620 pumps to dispense fuels like E15 and E85 in 165 stations in Minnesota.

Highland Service Minnoco

"These grants are good news for our state. This funding will help Minnesota install additional flex fuel pumps at gas stations statewide. This is a win-win; providing consumers choice at the pump, while supporting Minnesota farmers," said Lt. Governor Tina Smith.

The grants from the USDA is part of its Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership (BIP), which is aimed at increasing availability of E15 in the country. The USDA said in a separate statement that a total of $210 million will be invested in the BIP, although the federal portion of the funding will be capped at $100 million. 

"This major investment in renewable energy infrastructure will give Americans more options that not only will suit their pocketbooks, but also will reduce our country's environmental impact and bolster our rural economy," said Secretary Tom Vilsack.

A total of 21 states will be receiving the federal grants for the installation of 5,000 flex pumps at over 1,400 stations across the country.

"We at the Department of Agriculture are humbled by the confidence the USDA has placed in us with this grant award. We look forward to managing this fund and the match contribution to achieve the best investments to expand ethanol fuel choice in the state," said Dave Frederickson, MDA commissioner. 

For a complete list of grants under the BIP, click here.