What Would Minnesotans Save If E15 Was The New Regular?

  • Friday, 17 April 2015 00:00

A new report by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) says Iowans could stand to save up to $50 million a year if 80 percent of fuel consumed there was E15. This in turn poses the question : How much Minnesotans save if all gasoline (E10) consumed was E15?

In Iowa, according to the IRFA, E10 consumption in 2014 was 1.26 billion gallons and E15 is generally priced 5 cents cheaper than E10. As such, if 80 percent of E10 consumed was E15 instead, Iowans would save $50.78 million annually. 

In Minnesota, annual gasoline consumption if 2.4 billion gallons while E15 is priced 10 cents less than E10 on average. As such, if E15 became the new regular in our state, Minnesotans could save $240 million a year at the pump! That's money that could be spent elsewhere in our local economy.

So, to summarize, if E15 is made the new regular in Minnesota, the following would happen:

1. Annual consumer savings of $240 million at the pump.

2. Annual CO2 equivalent emission reductions of 358,000 metric tons which is the equivalent of removing 75,368 passenger cars from our roads for a year.

Do we really need more reasons to make E15 the new regular?